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altFLEVANS (Nigel Evans to his mum and dad) is a new age music multi tasker with a penchant for electro soul, breakbeat and downtempo grooves. Based in Brighton, young Nige has just launched his fifth solo album – the 11 tracker that is 'Part Time Millionaire'.

Being a skilled player (bass, guitar and keys) there are some tight and tasty instrumental grooves here.... like the insistent title track but this album's big attraction is in the calibre of the guest vocalists. Featured here are people like Elliott Cole, Sarah Scott and Izo Fitzroy. Ms F shows her gospel roots on the soul meander that is 'Some Day' while Laura Vane also shines on one of the LP's other big ballads 'Ex Factor'. 'It Just Goes' is the album's funk quotient while the 'Who's Got Me' (Laura Vane again) is the big dance tune.

And the album title? Flevans explains... "The title "Part Time Millionaire" is a reflection of where I'm at right now. I've jugged writing this album with trying being the best dad I can to my two young kids – both of those things make me incredibly happy, but it's a difficult balance. I guess the title reflects how little time we have to do all the things we want but also how many positive things we can achieve!"

FLEVANS PART TIME MILLIONAIRE - out now on Jalapeño Records.

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