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altNew York born SHANNON McNALLY debuted way back in 2001 with 'Jukebox Sparrows' and since then she's become an in-demand fixture on the US Americana circuit where her blend of country, blues, rock and Irish shadings have won her a throng of faithful fans.

Those fans have been delighted with her newest album – 'Black Irish' ... a 12 track collection that offers three originals and a slew of well-chosen covers. Of most interest, maybe, is the country flavoured version of Stevie Wonders 'I Ain't Gonna Stand For It'. You can also enjoy a rollicking take on the Staple Singers' 'Let's Go Home', a stately twist on the Band's 'It Makes No Difference' and a lively, enthusiastic cover of Muddy Waters' 'The Stuff You Got To Watch'.

Amongst the guests are soul singer Wendy Moten, country legend Emmylou Harris and Americana veteran Rodney Crowell who has also produced the album.

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