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PHIL DRIVER'S excellent Soul Unsigned set-up has just released its second four-track EP. Logically titled 'EP:02', the collection features some wonderful modern soul from a variety of sources. First up, there's MOSES MAYES' 'Tell Me.' The band are Canadian and their work, of course, is already known on the indie soul circuit. This busy, jazz-inflected little tune should bring them to a wider audience. Second cut comes from MOTHERGROOVE who hail from Barcelona, but their summery 'In 2 My Mind' will conjure up California rather than Catalonia. Third artists on the set are Germany's CANDYCREAM. Their contribution, 'Love What You Do' mines a bass-heavy, slinky groove and offers a counterpoint to the EP's lighter closer - LISA COUTO'S ' Live And Breathe'. LISA comes from Rhode Island and her tune has a catchy, jazz-fusion feel to it . More details about all this music on while Solar Radio listeners can check it all out on PHIL'S regular show.


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