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Birmingham-born singer-songwriter BRYN CHRISTOPHER is being hotly tipped as the UK's newest soul star. 22 year old BRYN cites his influences as OTIS REDDING, STEVIE WONDER, MARVIN GAYE ALICIA KEYS and MICHAEL JACKSON, though his sound and style are very much his own. Fronting a soul band at secondary school, the young Brummie became infatuated with the music of REDDING and he devoured the great man's back catalogue. After two years at a London stage school, BRYN signed with Polydor and won a coveted place on AMY WINEHOUSE'S 2007 tour. Between gigs he began to put together his debut album - 'My World' - which is pencilled in for release later in the year. What is remarkable about the album is that the singer's team have managed to secure rights to use official samples from the mighty Stax back catalogue. It seems that the Stax guardians were convinced that BRYN'S vocal would do justice to tracks originally intended for the likes of EDDIE FLOYD and PRINCE CONLEY. In the meantime the youngster's debut single is almost with us. 'The Quest' - co-written and produced by Jarrad Rogers (of the SugaRush Beat Company) - is a powerful, edgy 21st. century soul tune with shifting rhythms and bristling brass. It's the vocals, though, that nail it, and anyone who's heard BRYN'S acoustic versions of 'I've Been Loving You Too Long' and 'Sunny' will understand.


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