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The TEAM are possibly the hardest working soul band in the UK. Their sound is passionate, big and vibrant and in vocalist ANGELO STARR, they have a front man who ranks with the very best. Formed almost thirty years ago as the backing band for the legendary EDWIN STARR (who'd made the UK his home), they've gigged constantly and their live performances are always memorable affairs. With the sad passing of EDWIN in 2003, his brother ANGELO took over the vocal duties and though the outfit have made occasional forays into the studio they're now set to release a wonderful, full album - 'Keeping The Faith'. The LP's stuffed with all kinds of soul flavours with 'Best Of Everything' drawing favourable comparisons with the mighty TOWER OF POWER. The album's release is heralded by a double A-sided single - 'Freewheelin'/Keep Your Head Up (High)' and both are drawing great dance floor reaction. Watch out for a full album review and interview @ very soon


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