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For those who collect indie soul singles there's some decent ones around at the moment. One that's already causing quite a stir is 'Tonight' from an unknown called PEO - though the label adds 'featuring MIRIJAM' We're none the wiser, but the tune's a nifty little dancer that's right on the modern room groove. With hints of classic Drizabone, a lovely piano, swirling strings, a rumbling bass and a cute vocal, the cut's a real sweetie. main man TOBY WALKER put us onto this oneā€¦ the label's Sundae Soul, by the way, and it's available through . CD Baby, though, is the place to pick up POOKIE LANE'S 'Southern Woman' - the lead cut from the one time gospel star's about-to-be-released debut album. The song's a real old fashioned slab of soul and vocally POOKIE has all the gritty attack of ALI OLI WOODSON - no wonder he's toured with DENNIS EDWARDS' version of the TEMPTATIONS. Finally, more of an EP than a single is 'Step Baby' from CORNELIUS MD. On the four-tracker CORNELIUS comes across like a poor man's BARRY WHITE, though the crisp title cut and 'Work That Neck' might get some toes tapping. is the place to check that one out.


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