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jack-juke-aint-nobody-feat-sharlene-hector-coverThe lovely Leeds-based First Word records are busy little bees at the moment. Their HAGGIS HORNS combo (see our reviews pages) are doing the business for them, while the ARIYA ASTROBEAT ARKESTRA are making big waves too (review soon). In the meantime the label is re-promoting the first single from their very own dynamic duo – JACK AND JUKE.

In another life "JACK" led the JACK BAKER TRIO (even though he was the drummer!), while "JUKE" was the semi-legendary TM JUKE. The pair came together to work on a blistering cover of the CHAKA KHAN/RUFUS club classic 'Ain't Nobody'. And it's that cut that's being (rightly) re-promoted by the First World people. It's proper down and dirty and in vocalist SHARLENE HECTOR the boys have secured a singer who doesn't try to emulate CHAKA (who could?), but who's still self-confident enough to stamp her own mark on it.

The B-side is an equally quirky 21st century take on the past. '9th Wonder' is a SOS BAND style instrumental that grinds out a solid soul groove against choppy synths and retro electro effects... interesting. The duo are currently working on their first album for First World and in the meantime you can discover more at www.firstwordrecords.com

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