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altIt's been quite a year for Washington born but European based soulstress TERRI GREEN. Her TERRI GREEN PROJECT (a collaboration with Toddi Reed) has issued a number of top class dance singles – things like 'Night To Remember', 'Giving It Up' and latterly 'Dance Tonight'.

The good news is that next month we get to enjoy a whole album from Terri... her 'What A Feeling' hits the sales racks in September and we'll bring you a full review of the hotly anticipated set very soon.



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altMUTLU ONARAL who simply uses his first name is a blue eyed soul man who holds the distinction of having made the most guest appearances on Daryl Hall's acclaimed, award-winning TV show "Live from Daryl's House". He's also toured extensively with Daryl and John Oates and it's the classic sound of Hall and Oates that Mutlu channels on his new 7 track mini album, 'Good Trouble'.

Lyrically the LP touches on topics like societal change, inequality, depression, and hardship but sonically it's classic guitar-led blue eyed soul. Hear that sound at its best on the big production that is 'Nothing In This Whole Wider World' – a duet, in fact, with John Oates; for a classic H & O sound then also try 'Oh My Girl' – a lovely, gentle ballad delivered in a sweet falsetto.

The album's lead single is the syncopated 'Lifeline' who's lyrics give the album its title – "truth and love is well worth the struggle. It won't come easy but it's worth some good trouble".

MUTLU: Good Trouble' is out now

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altLatest offering from UK band DAYTONER, the outlet for Dj/producer/general muso about Cornwall... Moss Daytoner, is a 5 track EP – the fourth in their 'Shedits' series. The mini album features breaks versions of both classic Cuban and Brazilian tracks in a variety of styles from the frenetic percussion of 'Ye Mele' through to the down tempo brass of 'Bebo's Beat'. There's also a 2019 re-master of a popular edit of Joe Cuba's classic, 'Bang Bang', plus some Salsa and a lovely 'Comanche!'

'Shedits 4' is out now; the three previous sets are also available.

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altALEX CUBA was born in Cuba (honest!) but now works out of British Columbia, Canada, where he makes music in his garage (honest, one more time!). His new release (out September 20th.) is an album called 'Sublime'. He says: "It's the perfect title for the project... It had to strike a chord with his Spanish- and English-speaking listeners. One day I was listening to the masters, having a coffee, and all of a sudden the word crosses my mind: 'Sublime'".

On the album, Alex plays every instrument but has chosen to share vocals with some big Latin names: Alex pairs his voice with some of Cuba's brightest lights: Pablo Milanés, a founder of the Nueva Trova sound; Omara Portuondo, the vocalist of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club; and singer-songwriter Kelvis Ochoa, the Cuban vibes king. Indeed the duet with Pablo Milanés 'Hoy Como Ayer' is the album's first single – out August 23.

ALEX CUBA; 'Sublime' released September 20th on Caracol Records

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altThe Holy Rollercoasters are a hard working, gritty octet from Brisbane Australia and they've just launched an off the wall five track EP... 'Bathe'. Their sound is hard to define ... no bad thing of course. They tell us that they're big fans of the classic funk sound of Daptone and indeed throughout the EP there's plenty of raucous brassy funk – catch 'Ain't Gonna Get Better' to hear that.

That song title gives another clue to what the Rollercoasters are all about. There's a dark side to their music – sinister even. I mean titles like 'Bathe In The Blood Of The Lamb' and 'O Death' are a bit of a giveaway... as too is the art work!

So yep – a touch of funk for sure – but also a touch of punk, a splash of indie rock and lots beside. ..

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