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alt'Day Dream'N' is the debut album from Buffalo-based singer/songwriter OMERI (Monroe). The set features 8 tracks but two are edits of already featured songs, so the album's more of an EP than an LP!

Musically, Omeri's sound veers to the poppier end of the soul spectrum. The set's tile cut is the standout (it's one of the songs that comes in two versions). 'One Night' (the other song to which we're treated to two versions) is the album's big ballad while 'Don't Look For me' gives Omeri the chance to show off his vocal range

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altBeen a while since I've heard of WILL WHEATON. I think it was something like 2005 when his litany song 'Old School Soul' set the modern soul world alight. Over the last few weeks though a new Wheaton tune has been getting plenty of airplay on stations like Mi-Soul, Sonic Soul and Starpoint.

Cut in question is a lovely Latin-tinged dancer, 'How Do You Do (The Things You Do)' which is actually a duet between Mr Wheaton and BRIDGETTE BRYANT who, I believe, steps up from the rank of backing singer (she's worked with people like Barbra Streisand, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder and Jeffery Osborne!) to help front the song.

Bridgette sounds tremendous on 'How Do You Do (The Things You Do)' while Will comes on as a hybrid Will Downing/Luther Vandross/Isaac Hayes.... but if you remember his 'Old School Soul' you'll know that!

'How Do You Do (The Things You Do)' will be officially available on Indieloungewest Records from April 1st.



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altFIONA ROSS is a musical all-rounder. She could play piano when she was just 6 and two years later she was on the West End stage (in 'Annie'). By 14 Fiona was singing in London clubs (a fib here and there got her in) and she eventually ended up as Head of the British Academy of New Music where she tutored (amongst others) Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and Jess Glynne! En route she worked as a session musician, choreographer, composer, dancer, actor and model... oh, and she released one album.... 'A Twist Of Blue'.

Fiona's now set to follow that one up with a new long player.... 'Just Me (And Sometimes Someone Else)' – a double album that features 20 self-penned tracks that cross all kinds of genres. There are tales of love and loss, plenty of introspection, thankfully upbeat moments too and lashings of musical creativity.

The soundscape is as varied as the themes. 'Let Me Go', for instance, channels a jazz flavour while '27 Reasons' offers first, indie pop and then Latin rhythms. Let's explain that duality. The first CD in the set is Ms Ross sometimes solo and sometimes with a small band; the second CD sees her accompanied by a bigger band. So that aforementioned '27 Reasons' first time out is a small combo affair while on CD 2, it gets the full (Latin) band treatment. That's the only song that comes in two versions by the way; for all the rest, you get just the one shot. Right now we're loving the gentle but building ballad 'Reach Me' which showcases the purity of Fiona's vocal.

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altLINDSEY WEBSTER'S 'Back To Your Heart' long player was one of the real delights of the tail end of 2016... a clever, sophisticated modern soul set that built on her previous album' You Change'. Both sets kind of snuck up on you becoming almost addictive in their subtle sincerity.

And one of the more subtle and sincere tracks on 'Back To Your Heart' was the lazy, soul ballad 'Fast And Slow' . With Lindsey due in the UK very soon (next week in fact!), her people are putting out a remix of said 'Fast And Slow' and the man at the controls is Ronnie Herel. Big Ron doesn't do anything too radical... he keeps thing lazy and languid and in truth there's not a lot too choose between the two versions.

Lindsey we're told will be appearing at Ronnie Scott's and Pizza Express Maidstone and Birmingham. Local press and/or the web will furnish all the details while if you want more of the lady's gorgeous voice she takes lead vocal on a cut on an upcoming Rick Braun album

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altLast summer dear WILL DOWNING treated us to 'Black Pearls' – a collection of his takes on classic songs originally made famous by some of soul's top divas. One of the less well known of Will's selections was 'Your Smile' – originally recorded by Rene and Angela; and to keep the pot boiling, as it were, a new remix of that track has just been released.

This "Boogie Back" mix takes the pace up little and generally tightens up the overall sound, creating a perfect confection for the more stately, sophisticated modern soul dancers. Will's gorgeous vocal, though, remains, rightly, at the very front!

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