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altGreat Yarmouth's DOGGETT BROTHERS (Greg and Carl) have been mainstays of the UK soul scene for some years now... think I first came across 'em on a 2010 'Soul Unsigned' album. Then a few years back they broke through big-time with their 'Colours' album. Some tasty singles, a remix project and collaborations with people like HD have kept Greg and Carl's name out there.

The good news is the Doggetts are on their marks and getting set to release a brand new long player – 'Get High'. The ten tracker is set for UK release at the end of September but as a taster the boys have just released the album's title cut as a single... and it's a proper little modern soul corker!

The melody's strong and sweet, the beats are tight and the vocal from the too long neglected Nate James is bob on! The tune rides a solid groove but there's a whiff of edgy electronics too which maybe indicates a subtle change of direction for the boys.

We'll wait and see but we're told that amongst other album contributors are Jarrod Lawson and Coco Malone. We look forward to bringing you a full review just as soon as we have our copy. In the meantime.... 'Get High'!



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altUS new sources are reporting that the Queen of Soul ARETHA FRANKLIN is "gravely ill". The 76-year-old Aretha is believed to be surrounded by her closest family and friends at her bedside in Detroit.

Detroit TV Channel 4 news anchor Evrod Cassimy said this morning in a tweet: "I spoke with her family members this morning. She is asking for your prayers at this time." Earlier a family friend Roger Friedman confirmed that Aretha was seriously ill.

In March the singer cancelled two concerts scheduled in New Jersey. Her most recent performance was Nov. 2, 2017 at the Elton John AIDS Foundation in New York and her final public performance was at Philadelphia's Mann Centre in August 2017.

Aretha last performed in her native Detroit in June 2017. She ended the performance with a then-cryptic appeal to the hometown crowd: "Please keep me in your prayers."



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altJULIE IWHETA is a new-ish kid on the UK soul block. The sweet voiced singer/songwriter has been captivating crowds in various London and SE venues for a year or so now. Julie's played places like The Jazz Cafe, The Wireless Festival, The Uprise Anti-Racism Festival and Soul-D-Out celebration.

Her voice has featured on a number of charting house singles.... like David April's 'Love My Life' but right now Ms I is busy promoting her first proper solo EP that won release at the end of July. The mini album is 'Just Julie' and the title track is a lovely gentle, acoustic semi auto biographical thing that reminds me of India. Airie's 'Video' – both in mood and message.

EP highlight is another acoustic flavour, 'I'll Be There'. This features some sweet, sweet harmonies that betray Julie's time as an in-demand session singer.

Julie will be officially launching the EP @ The Fox and Firkin in Lewisham High Street on 27th September.

You can find out more @





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altRAYMOND BARTON is a soul entrepreneur who sees himself as a kind of Norman Connors music facilitator. That's to say he likes to get performers together and help them blend their "soulful creative ideas". His last outing, the EP, 'If Only For Love' embodied that concept and right now he's working on a follow-up.

The first track from the mini album has just come out and the bassy, gentle groove that is 'Always Kissing' is already winning airplay. Vocals on the track come via Tyra Juliette – a seasoned session singer who's worked with people like Nile Rodgers and Chic, Demi Lovato, Pharrell, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, The Roots and many others.



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altNow based chiefly in Geneva, Texas-born soul man  RUDI WILBURN is making a name for himself all over Europe with his distinctively flavoured Barry White take on modern soul.

A couple of years back we enjoyed his singles 'These Are The Days', 'You Are Love' and 'Your Smile' which though credited to its French composer, 'Neo', featured a wonderful Rudi vocal.

Mr W's now back (in his own right) with a new single, 'City Lights'. It comes in four mixes and they all show that the Barry White comparison that people always make is right on target. Right now we're enjoying the lighter, "Latin" mix.... not revolutionary – just simple, sweet uncluttered modern soul.


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