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alt'Force Of Life' is the new EP from native New Yorker, LENORA JAYE. Over the last several years she's been working out of Atlanta chiefly with Astral 22 - the alter ego of writer and producer Armand Tulumello and owner of Trans Phatt Records. Lenora has had plenty of songs on Astral 22 albums and collections and her own 'The Story' long player won her plenty of friends.

The new four track EP (produced by Astral 22) is an amalgam of R&B, Soul, House, Disco, Jazz and Brazilian rhythms and Ms Jaye is on best sultry form throughout - especially on the samba shuffle that is 'For You' and the surging title track that is just made for the European modern soul crowd –the kind of tune that you'd expect to grace an Expansion compilation. This one comes with a huge SJF recommendation!



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altJOEY OSCAR is a drummer/percussionist who hails from St Louis. His job right now is playing in the band that works for Daystar Television Network, an award winning, gospel and faith-based network that spreads their message 24 hours a day, seven days a week – all around the globe!

Joey has also been working on his own music projects and earlier this summer we were treated to a five track EP, 'We Are One'. Sonically it ticked all the right contemporary soul boxes and given Joey's background there were messages in his music. Now for reasons never best explained Joey's released a fourteen track long player that oddly, I think, contains the five tracks from the previous EP. Maybe the EP was meant to be a taster... I don't really know. What I do know is that 'Mirrors' (for that is the name of the album) extends the range of that EP with its subtle gospel messages (which can be applied to secular situations too, of course) and its throughoughly contemporary American soul/R&B sound though some may baulk at the overuse of electronic effects.

Joey is the drummer, of course, but he flexes his vocals throughout. Possessor of a soulful vocal, hear it at its best on the busy, bustling 'Good Times' and 'True Love' which was probably the best cut on the aforementioned EP. The album also offers up some instrumentals –mainly short interludes; on one of which 'Unspoken', Mr O allows himself to show off his drum mastery.

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altAdventurous soul seekers might know about SLY5THAVE. Born in Austin, Texas, Sly5thAve is the alter ego of Sylvester Onyejiaka who grew up listening to the contrasting sounds of West African music, soul and jazz. Then a period of study at University of North Texas, before work with Philip Lassiter and two years in Prince's New Power Generation. Since then the multi instrumentalist has worked with people like Stevie Wonder, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Janelle Monáe and Quantic.

With one album, an EP and a couple of 45s under his solo belt, Sly5thave is about to release a brand new single – 'Let Me Ride' which features vocals from Jimetta Rose. Unusually for these days, the song was recorded with a full orchestra, and this arrangement is Sly5thAve's homage to one of his musical heroes , Dr Dre.

'Let Me Ride' is an odd, bumpy groove that the artists calls "an epic cosmic freak-out"... make up your own minds when the cut wins release on Tru Thoughts on 20th October.

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altGEOFF WADDINGTON is a UK music producer based up in deepest, darkest Burnley - for Southern softies, that's up North where connoisseurs really know their soul music... and Geoff is one such connoisseur! Maybe Geoff is best remembered for producing and putting together the ab fab 'Soul And Heal' album from Leonie Parker - one of Brit's soul's best long players – a cross between the sound of Drizabone and dear old Lisa Stansfield and many of Leonie's tracks became modern soul room staples.

Then Geoff enjoyed plenty of support with his 'Don't Let The Moon' and 'In The Mood' single which featured Debbie Sharp on the two Motown pastiches.

Now Geoff's back with a new single the equally satisfying, 'Do You Know'. It's a proper old school sweet, Brit soul tune with crisp mid-tempo beats, a catchy hook, a lovely understated instrumental break and a soulful vocal from US soulstress Tameka Jackson. Geoff knew he had a good tune here and he knew that to do it full justice he needed a proper soul voice and in Minneapolis' Ms Jackson, he's found one! Don't underestimate this tune.... it's simple and sweet, but, believe me, it will creep up on you!

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altWithout doubt, 'Ain't No Stopping Us Now' is one of the all time great soul tunes. If you're a long term soul fan you can probably remember he first time you heard McFadden and Whitehead belting it out! There have also been plenty of fab covers – Luther Vandross, of course, Ali Oli Woodson amongst 'em and Philly collectors relish Larry Gold's version.

Now we can add another great cover of the classic – this one's from STAN MOSLEY and to give it real soul credibility Stan recorded it at Bobby Eli's studio in Philadelphia.

Stan is a Chicago-born, Gospel reared soul man who's been in the biz for over 40 years! He was a member of the Sharpees and soul connoisseurs still rate his Malaco recording 'Kiss And Tell' – grab a listen if you can, it gorgeous!

Anyway, Stan has drifted between Gospel and Secular music and more recently he headlined the Porretta Soul Festival in Italy and his career once more took wings – leading to the collaboration with guitar man Eli and the recording of 'Ain't No Stopping Us Now'. This new Eli-produced version is a lot tougher (even rougher) than the better known versions – but remember, though, born in Chicago, Stan comes on like a Southern soul man (he did spend plenty of time in Malaco!)

The B side to this release is another great Southern flavoured gem, Stan's reading of the Dennis Taylor tune, 'My Problem'.

'Ain't No Stopping Us Now' in its Nigel Lowis Connoisseur mix and 'My Problem' will be released 29th September on DSG

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