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altNot quite a newcomer, LUKAS SETTO (who has previously worked under the names Lee Henry and Jadan Lee and remixer Tru Menace) has enjoyed two big tunes this year – 'What Turns You On' and 'OMG Oh My Gosh'.

Now just as the former was reworked by soulful house maestro BRIAN POWER, 'OMG Oh My Gosh' gets the same classy makeover. The new mix – out on Power's Soulhouse Music – is pacey but cool and set to keep the Setto trajectory on the ever upward!



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alt'Stay Good' is the latest album from BROOKLYN FUNK ESSENTIALS ... a veteran outfit that now consists UK-born Anna Brooks (sax & vocals), Iwan VanHetten (trumpet, keyboards & vocals), Londoner Desmond Foster (guitar & vocals), Swedish Lati Kronlund (bass) and Swedish Roma Hux Nettermalm (drums)... a diverse line-up, for sure and between them they create a diverse, eclectic groove!

And yes, the band peddle plenty of funk – the clue's in the name, but there's a lot more than raw, powerful funk on offer here. For starters, try the album's closer...a wonderful version of Alison Limerick's 1990 hit 'Where Love Lies' ... and guess who the band bring in for the vocals here? Yes – Ms Limerick herself! Alison penned the song with Lati Kronlund and this new take is irresistible, as is another Limerick fronted outing, the LP's title cut – a sinuous, smouldering funk groove and another Limerick/ Kronlund song. Ms Limerick is also at the mic for the sweet soul groove, 'Ain't Nothing' – a duet with guitarist Desmond Foster.

'Watcha Want From Me' is another album highlight. It was originally titled 'Whadda U Want (From Me)' and Kronlund co-wrote it for the late Frankie Knuckles' second record. This new version features updated lyrics inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The album's real gem though is a very gentle 'Breeze On Me'. More a vibe than a tailored song, it's a cover of a little known Leena Conquest tune that was released by boutique soul label Cafe De Soul way back in 2002. It makes a wonderful counterpoint to some of the funkier outings and it has the potential to be one of this year's big tunes... give it a try!

BROOKLYN FUNK ESSENTIALS Stay Good (Dorado Records) out now

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altTHE SOUL IMMIGRANTS are a hard gigging soul and funk band from South London; the core members are Emrys Baird - Guitar / Vocals; David Bouet - Drums; Dee Byrne - Sax and Al Gibson Bass / Keys. Right now the boys are putting the finishing touches to a new album - 'Back From The Brink' coming out Nov 15th on Lateralize records.

To whet our appetites, the first single has just been released – an incendiary version of Barbara Lynn's 'I'm a Good Woman'. The vocal's down to Ria Currie and other guests on the cut are Mark Ashfield (The Get Up) on Hammond organ, Ian Bailey (The Boom Yeh) on saxes and Dave Boraston (Stone Foundation) on trumpet and Kat Sandel on background vocals and between them they really do create an authentic mid 60s raw soul feel ... think Koko Taylor, Sugar Pie Desanto and, yes, Barbara Lynn.

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altWith some new music on the way, or so we believe,  ALEXANDER O'NEAL'S people are busy promoting a "new" live album. The 12 tracker was recorded at the London Palladium last year and the set list is a run through the big man's' big hits and what' surprising is just how many he had! As is the way with live albums, many of the songs are rendered in medley form and there's plenty of O'Neal banter too. The album's available now on Alex's own imprint.

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altNever mind the X Factor... right now the sophisticated soul crowd are all over 'The Love Factor' from Detroit-bred Brandon Williams. The 37 year old started his career when he was just 12 with his unique drumming style and he was soon taken under the wing of Michael J. Powell. From there he went on to perform, engineer, MD, arrange and produce for all kinds of people.

In 2014 he made his own solo debut with album entitled 'XII' featuring Robert Glasper, Jean Baylor (formerly of Zhane'), Frank McComb, Nicholas Payton, Choklate and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. You can see from that that Williams's works like a musical architect, using other peoples' talents to flesh out his ideas and that's the way he operates on his latest collection, 'The Love Factor'.

Helping out on the 13 tracker are people like Brian McKnight Jr., Alex Isley (yes, of the Isley clan), Alicia Sanders and Eric Roberson who fronts 'Don't Give Up On Love' which was the album's leadoff single, making decent waves on the US steppers' scene. There are a couple of cuts that feature welcome input from George Duke. Williams worked extensively with Duke before his unfortunate passing, so good to hear the maestro again.

Another guest "maestro" is bassist Marcus Miller who brings his distinct bass lines to the album's big cover – a respectful version of Ivan Lins' 'Love Dance' which underlines the overriding  quiet storm flavour of the album. Marvin Gaye fans will enjoy 'In Their Shoes' – a cut stuffed with "Gaye-isms" and a wonderful, lithe vocal from Matt Cusson.

It's good to know that albums like this are still being made... probably not a commercial success, more a work of love, but it deserves a hearing, especially if you were a fan of those great Norman Connors albums back in the day!

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