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altUS media sources re reporting the death of sometime lead singer with THE CRYSTALS, BARBARA ALSTON. Few details are currently available, save that Barbara was 74 and died on Friday 16 February after contracting flu.

The Crystals were formed by big band entrepreneur Benny Wells – Alston's uncle and the original quintet, Alston, Dee Dee Kennibrew, Mary Thomas, Patricia Wright and La La Brooks soon came to the attention of Phil Spector. Though Ms Brooks was the designated lead singer, Spector felt Alston was a safer bet and it's her vocal that fronted the Crystals' first hit 1962's 'There's No Other Like My Baby'. After that the Crystals history becomes a little murky as Spector used different versions of "The Crystals" on various projects (some involving the incomparable Darlene Love). What is clear though is that Barbara Alston played an important part in the formation and early years of one of the classic girl groups of the 60s.




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altLast month we strongly recommended a fab new tune from Aussie soul man DANIEL MARCH. Said song was the ultra catchy 'Falling'... oddly the same title as the man's 2015 debut single. This new 'Falling' was new (if you see what I mean) and it won young Dan (who now works out of London) loads of friends.

Amongst those friends was mixer man ASHLEY BEEDLE who's given the tune a remarkable new makeover. This "North Street" mix keeps everything that was good about the original but garnishes it with plenty of classy and inspired touches – like a drum sample nicked from an annoyingly familiar tune which for the life of me I can't pin down! (We're thinking Jade's 'Don't Walk Away') It does add to the magic of the mix though ... watch out for this one!

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altAt the back end of 2017 swathes of California were devastated by forest fires. One person affected was 16 year old pop/soul singer SYDNEY BROWN who at the time of the fires was working in California with garlanded writer/producer/artist NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN.

The pair decided to work on a song about the situation and issue it as a charity record to benefit needy victims of the fires and 'Love Is Stronger Than Smoke And Fire' has just been released on Walden's Tarpan Records.

The song is more pop than soul but it's driven along by Walden's signature percussion and, of course, all profits are headed for a worthy cause, Walden and Brown have joined forces with YOU CARING and THE CALIFORNIA RED CROSS to ensure that all monies raised are properly targeted.

Find out more @

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altBooker Newberry's 'Love Town' still stands as one of the great soul anthems – a staple of every soul weekender everywhere! Well now the old chestnut has won a revival courtesy of the Sed Soul crew. Rob Hardt is the man at the control desk on a slightly faster version of 'Love Town' from BIG JANO GREEN.

We're not saying the new version is better than the original but it's certainly full of pace and excitement and boasts a crazy percussive break. Like the revered original, it's set to fill dance floors everywhere! Out now!

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altSoul veteran RANDY MULLER is the brains behind BROOKLYN SOUL BISCUITS and he's at the controls for their latest outing a sweet and sensual old school ballad, 'It's All About You'. Great to know that music like this is still being made.... and it comes complete with a romantic little monologue that stays just on the right side of cheesy.

Brooklyn Soul Biscuits - It's All About You (Lovers' Edition) – out now on Plaza records

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