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altBelated Happy Birthday wishes to UK soulstress DEBORAH BELL. Ms B celebrated her big day last Saturday, 25 May!

To make the occasion really special she released a brand new single – an easy-on-the ear, mid tempo modern soul groove, 'Love Won't Pay The Rent'. It's a collaborative effort with long standing partner in crime George Bromfield – Georgie B (of Groove Association) to you and me!



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altIt's taken a long time, but US sources are reporting that the legendary JIMMY JAM and TERRY LEWIS are set for a big comeback – and due to release their very first album! Tentatively titled 'Jam & Lewis Vol. 1,' its due for September release but if you can't wait, then seek out the album heralding single, 'Til I Found You'. The song is about the power of faith and sees the duo back working with the Sounds of Blackness and Ann Nesby! If you want more nostalgia, the single is out on Perspective Records.

Jam and Lewis' social media said: "We decided the first single from our project should be in the spirit of how we started the original Perspective Records in the 90s. And that's with the Sounds of Blackness... In 1989 while working on Rhythm Nation in Minneapolis with Janet [Jackson] we took her to see Sounds Of Blackness concert. She was blown away and told us we should sign them and do a project immediately. We felt the best home to showcase their incredible talent would be our own label. Perspective Records was born and A&M was our choice as partners as the team of Herb Albert & Jerry Moss understood our vision. The result was the Grammy Winning 'The Evolution Of Gospel' album which featured the timeless single 'Optimistic.' As we jump to 30 years later we feel that the opportunity to reunite Sounds of Blackness with the legendary Ann Nesby and Big Jim Wright (R. I. P.) feels like the foundation from which to build a project to uplift and make you fall in love with music again."

We don't want to sound too optimistic, but the new single begins by referencing 'Optimistic'... all looking and sounding good!

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altLast year UK band DAYTONER impressed all and sundry with their retro grooved album 'Off The Hook'. It was the band's debut set and it quickly won the support of funk and soul tastemakers like Craig Charles. We were told that the album title refers to the fact that the set featured no samples – just the band's original parts alongside the lyrics of singer, Lucy Richards. Ms R delivered like a vocal tsunami – full of passion, commitment, grit, energy and, yes, soul. Soul commentators made comparison with people like Aretha and Etta James and dear old Amy Winehouse.

Daytoner now return with a double A sided single – 'Shout Love'/'My Sweet Baby' and Craig Charles is already playing both sides to death. They offer more of Daytoner's raw, organic take on soul with 'My Sweet Baby' fast and frantic – Northern, yes (zipping strings too!) while 'Shout Love' is a tad more sedate – though that's not really the best word to describe the Daytoner sound!

The vinyl single will be available from May 31st, but we're told that preview copies (including signed test pressings) are circulating via the group's Bandcamp site.


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altSHOW TYME (his spelling) is the musical alter ego of Trenton, New Jersey born LETHEL BROOKS Lethel started playing drums in his local church before moving on to providing BVs for a bevy of R&B and hip hop acts... and it was one of those acts, Case, that conferred on young Mr B the nickname "Show Tyme" – and that's the moniker he used on his very well received long player, 'Love Truth'.

Mr Tyme/Brooks has just released his latest single.... 'T.Y.L.A.' – which if you listen means "take your love away". It's a modern R&B beater – actually a remix (with a new abbreviated title) of one of the album tracks and it brings a fresh feel to proceedings – very summery.

As is the way there are two mixes of the cut – the "straight" one and one featuring guest rapper Pharoahe Monch with whom Lethel has worked before. The remix is out now on W.A.R. Media/Cold Rain and if you can, do yourself a little favour and check the parent album again.... the track 'Change My Life's particularly sweet – very old school! We love it!



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altLatest offering from Brian Power's Soulhouse Music features everyone's fave – HIL ST SOUL. The fab soulstress caresses her way effortlessly through a smooth, soul cut – 'Take Me Away' – a song that lyrically longs for an escape from the rat race... the music offers some relief from the daily grind!

Adding a lovely garnish to the tune is Level 42 keyboardist Mike Lindup. Being Soulhouse, there is also a tremendous house mix courtesy of Mike Delgado. Both feature a bonkers sax break from a (sadly) anonymous (on my copy, at least!) sax man!

'Take Me Away' is available now!

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