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altWest Virginia's FUZZY HASKINS (Clarence Eugene Haskins) was a key member of George Clinton's Parliament/Funkadelic circus. He joined the Parliaments just as 'I Wanna Testify' was breaking out and was there as legal disputes saw Clinton create Funkadelic. Without going into the gory details, the relationship between the various members of Funkadelic was always volatile and Haskins and Clinton had a peculiarly on/off argumentative relationship, especially where creativity was involved. Haskins eventually quit the fold and recorded his own album for Westbound. By 1976, though, he was back but arguments over money and creative control saw Fuzzy walk again. By this time, we're told, he was also finding religion, making it hard for him to square the band's lyrics with his new found faith. However, he did record a second solo set, like the first, for the Westbound imprint.

By the early 80s', though, he finally quit the business to focus on his religion and preaching it. In 1990, though, he briefly teamed up with Westbound boss, Armen Boladian to record a gospel album and he even got back together with original Parliaments Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas and Ray Davies in Original P.

To celebrate Fuzzy's work Ace/Westbound have just released a fine, funky 16 tracker that highlights the best of Mr Haskins' solo work. Put together by Funkadelic expert Marcel Visser, the set offers some of his best known cuts like 'Cookie Jar', 'The Fuz And Da Boog' (much sampled that one) and 'Which Way Do I Do Disco' – his dig at George Clinton – alongside a generous selection of off the wall space funk collectables


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altOne of the biggest of recent modern soul tunes has been the Philly throwback 'Stairway To Heaven'. Credited to RANDY ROBERTS & RICHARD BURTON it was/is a wonderful cover of an old O'Jays song (the B-side to the group's 'Livin' For The Weekend', we think)

Released on DJ Spen's Quantize Records it reminded us all of just how magnificent Philly soul can be when all the key ingredients come together. If you need more proof then the track's been given a brand new remix... this time courtesy of self-confessed Philly freak, Nigel Lowis. Close your eyes and drift back to the heady days of Sigma Sound and the properly soulful vocals of people like Eddie Levert and Teddy P. Oh, and by the way, if you like instrumentals, the tweak also comes sans vocal..... MFSB meets the Salsoul Orchestra!

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alt(CHRIS) KINGDON has enjoyed remarkable success over the last several months. His quirky instrumental, 'Cuba' became a mainstay of many soul station's playlists while the follow up, 'Travelling Light' repeated the success.

Kingdon's new single is an equally bright and brisk offering, 'Here Comes The Sunshine'. As the title suggests, the cut is hugely optimistic and stuffed with catchy riffs that will stay with you. Looks like KIngdon has his hat trick here! The B side of the single, by the way, is a new mix of 'Travelling Light'.

Kingdon - Here Come The Sunshine/ Travelling Light (First Class remix) - DSG 14th April

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altBottom Line Records boss, ED THE RED is having a good year. His 'Summer Is The Coldest Season'' reached #2 in the UK Soul charts and it's still being played out in all the various mixes that followed.

The official follow up is another sweet slab of dance floor fun.... 'I Appreciate You'. With vocals from a feisty lady called Ania, Ed's production is a heady cocktail of soul, funk, disco and soulful house with just a sprinkling of Chic!

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altSmooth soulster FREDDIE JACKSON was a huge star through the 80s and 90s. Who can't remember 'Rock Me Tonight' and 'You Are My Lady'?

Not heard too much from good old Fred for a while, but our US sources tell us that he's currently preparing a brand new album... 'Love Signals'. We're also told that the set will be a big budget affair.

In the meantime, the first single, 'One Night' is set for a May 1st release. More details to follow

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