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alt'Let's Be' is the latest single from UK soulstress SHAILA PROSPERE. A seasoned and in-demand session singer, Ms P impressed the UK soul word with her 2017 album 'Back To Life'. That was followed by the singles 'Plus One' and 'You're Rich' and now she's preparing a new LP....expected May. 'Let's Be' sets the scene for the album – a soulful affair with a dramatic, soaring vocal.

'Let's Be' was written by Shaila and produced by Rickardo Reid of the Family Reunion Production Team. He says: "'Let's Be' is uncompromisingly chilled and warm and tender". See if he's right when the track gets official release on March 20th.

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altGINA CAREY is a Chicago-born, LA-raised soul singer with a prolific track record. She's released some 14 long players since her 1996 debut; she's worked on 3 gospel-based stage shows; she's published a book; she runs her own label and an entertainment company; and she's the creator of her own web series. Ms C has done a whole lot more besides but space here precludes a full listing – just to say that she's just issued a new single... a gentle, old school soul shuffle with a classic short spoken intro.

File under "sweet n' lovely" – out now on Gico Records.



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alt'STONE CRUSH' is the title of a new and intriguing compilation from Light in the Attic Records. The collection's full title will give you just a little flavour of what it's all about – 'Stone Crush: Memphis Modern Soul 1977-1987'. Essentially, the 20 tracker offers a snapshot of the Memphis soul scene after Stax had closed its doors. The set has been curated by Memphis collectors and DJs Daniel Mathis and Chad Weekley and together they explore a long neglected chapter in the Memphis soul story.

The album is stuffed with rarities and collectables like the two cuts from Captain Fantastic & Starfleet ... the slow burner that is 'Keep It To Yourself' and the electro flavoured 'Under Cover Lover'... original copies are considered holy grails by DJs and collectors. Equally rare is 'Stone Crush On You' (for which the album is titled). This one's from O T Sykes – a dentist by day, a soul man by night!

Highlights abound. My two favourites right now are 'No Seat Dancing' by Frankie Alexander and Sweet Pearl's 'You Mean Everything To Me'. Both are gorgeous, brass filled mid –tempo grooves - like Tower of Power's mellower moments. If you like disco, try Tom Sanders' 'I'll Get To That'; funkateers will find plenty to enjoy in Kick's 'Lollie Pop' while soul buffs will recognize the 'Court Of Love' references in 'Convict Me' from Libra... the theme rather than the sound.

Most of the artists are relative unknowns but the accompanying full-colour booklet by Memphis curator/writer Andria Lisle and Grammy Award-winning writer Robert Gordon fills in some of the details. The collection hits the streets on April 3rd on 2-LP, CD and digital. "Galaxy Haze Orange/Red" colour vinyl will be available from U.S. indie retail stores and as an exclusive to the Light In The Attic Online Store, "Blue/Orange" colour vinyl will be available with a bonus 7" single of Mark Anthony & Lyte Speed's rare roller skate boogie funk classic 'I'm Just A Boogie Roller.'

If you're Stateside, to commemorate the release of 'Stone Crush', The Stax Museum of American Soul Music in Memphis will host a special night of music on April 3rd featuring live DJ sets. The free event kicks off at 7:00 pm and is open to the public.

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altThe oddly named NEVER SLEEP BOY (sometimes just NSB... don't ask... we know very little) is a new artist who says he got into music – playing and writing at just age 7! His people tell us that his influences are people like Curtis Mayfield, Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, MFSB, Chic and Nile Rogers, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, Michael Jackson, James Brown, The Temptations, The Whispers, Marvin Gaye, The O'Jays and The Spinners!

You can hear bits of all those influences (and more) on what we think is NSB's debuting single – the upbeat and ultra optimistic 'Let's Feel The Night'. He say that the track is homage to Studio 54 in New York but it wouldn't have sounded out of place at any 80s UK soul weekender. The tune's out now and well worth investigating!

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altAlabama soulstress CANITA is a new name to us but on the evidence of her just released single 'No Love' we're confident that the wider soul world will soon be getting to know her really well. The song is a smouldering old school ballad with a catchy melody and sweet bvs. The song's added extra is that Ms C is joined on the tune by the ever-welcome Noel Gourdin. Noel penned the song with Canita and it really is a charming affair – the whole thing a romantic encouragement to never give up on finding true happiness.

We believe that 'No Love' is the lead track from an upcoming eponymous Canita EP – we look forward to it!


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