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altIf you haven't noticed ... it is Christmas time and for the last time (honest) we present a new Christmas soul song for those getting a wee bit fed up with all the old chestnuts and turkeys!

Our latest recommendation comes from Canadian band CRACK OF DAWN. The "Crackers" have been in business for over 40 years so they do know about soul and its heritage and in the summer we were delighted with their lovely album, 'Spotlight' and their Festive song displays all the old school values of that long player.

The song is called 'It's Christmas Time' ... yes, not a very original title (and not to be confused with a recent Showtyme song with the same title) but it really is an honest attempt to recreate the Christmassy sound of those old Motown festive sets. Vocalist Michael Dunston is in fine form and the rest of the band offer smooth harmonies and sympathetic accompaniment. The band's PR people say that this 'It's Christmas Time' "is guaranteed to melt the heart of even the most committed Scrooge!" Wouldn't argue with that and if you get a chance please check out CRACK OF DAWN'S 'Spotlight' album.

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altUK blue eyed soul band MAMAS GUN have won plenty of friends over the last few years.... a number swelled by their acclaimed 'Golden Days' album and the Andy Platts' led band go into 2020 promoting a single from the album... the gentle, soulful 'THIS IS THE DAY'. You'll probably know it, if you don't check it out.

However, our US sources (and indeed Amazon) seem to indicate that Mamas Gun have a brand new song out... 'Say You'll Be Mine' - a sweet, soulful ballad featuring K-Pop vocal star Kwon Jin-Ah sharing the lead with Platts. Confusing.... yes, just a little!

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altIt's been well over a year since we've heard from the lovely LINDSEY WEBSTER (if we discount her recent, brief collaboration with David Benoit) but the good news is that, working again with Shanachie Records, Ms W is preparing a new long player. No title or date yet, but she's just released the first single – a deliciously laid back, sophisticated soul/smooth jazz groove, 'Feels Like Forever'.

The cut has a late night feel, bossa beats, crystalline keys, a catchy instrumental hook and (I hope Lindsey won't mind the comparison) a vocal that sounds a lot like dear Dusty Springfield.

Yes, it's good and yes, forever is a long time... let's hope we don't have to wait forever for the parent album!

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alt'Soul United' is the latest offering from those purveyors of quality soulful dance tunes.... LOS CHARLY'S ORCHESTRA and the cut, in my humble opinion, is one of their very best and, I need to say, a little different. The band usually plough a Latin-flavoured disco-orientated groove; but here they go back to those great days of the 70s – a period when Northern soul was still mighty strong and when clubs like the Blackpool Mecca and Manchester's Ritz were playing sounds that laid the foundation of the "modern soul" scene. Hints of all that in 'Soul United'; add a garnish of disco and cherry on the top in the form of a convincing vocal from Andre Espeut and you have a top dance tune.

Sadly it's not released till 17th January as a download – with vinyl lined up for March. Put those dates in your new diary... the wait will be worth it!



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altRANDY MULLER'S 'Welcome To My Life' has been one of the year's BIG albums.... critically acclaimed, played out everywhere and staying the course!

Randy's in the UK for promotion work and so his people have paired two of the LP's prime cuts as a taster. They are the party powered (mainly) instrumental 'WELCOME TO MY LIFE' and the zipping, zapping, insistent disco groove that is 'WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO'. If you don't have the LP (why?) this is a great intro.... out now!


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