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altJazz flautist, DAVE VALENTIN died yesterday, Wednesday 8th March. He was 64 and reports suggest that he died from complications of a stroke and Parkinson's disease. His manager, Richie Bonilla told news agencies that Dave had suffered multiple strokes over the last several years and had not been in good health for some time.

Born in the South Bronx in 1952, Valentin took up bongo playing when he was just 5. His father, a merchant seaman, brought a set home from Brazil. He also took up the piano but went on to teach himself the flute eventually taking lesson from Hubert Laws.

He made his recording debut in 1977 and went onto record numerous albums –as leader, as session musician and as part of band. Amongst those he collaborated with are: Noel Pointer, Patti Austin, Lee Ritenour, Chris Connor, David Benoit, Eliane Elias and his childhood idol Tito Puente. Dave was one of the first artists to be signed to GRP Records and in 2003 he won a Grammy for best Latin jazz album with 'The Gathering' credited to the Caribbean Jazz Project. Valentin's main collaborator on the project was vibraphonist Dave Samuels.

In a New York Times interview, Dave recalled how he took up the flute: "I started out as a percussionist in school. But I wanted to meet this girl, Irene, who was a flutist. She showed me a scale, and I played it immediately. Do-re-me-fa-so-la-ti-do. Without knowing nothing! So, I borrowed a flute, bought a Herbie Mann record and learned 'Comin' Home Baby.' Three weeks later, I went to her and played it. I knew I had her! But she said, "I've been taking lessons for three years and you come in here in three weeks and play like that? Don't ever talk to me again!" I lost the girl, but kept the flute. "

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British soul fans will have an opportunity to meet and get their records signed by UK soul veteran, OMAR, this coming Saturday (March 11th), who will be visiting Soul Bother's Putney store in London between 1.30 and 2.30 pm.  OMAR's latest album is the critically-acclaimed 'Love In Beats,' released on the Freestyle label.
Soul Brother have also just released two 'Rare Groove' singles on their own label. The first is a reissue of RITA WRIGHT'S in-demand Jet double-header, the Steve Royal written and produced 'Touch Me Take Me' b/w 'Love Is All You Need' from 1978. This isn't the same Rita Wright who became Syreeta. Original copies of the single on the United Artists-distributed Jet imprint go for up to £300 but you can pick up Soul Brother's repress for a tenner. The silky mid-tempo 'Touch Me Take Me' was previously issued by Soul Brother on their 'The Wants List' compilation. alt The other 45 they've just reissued brings together  the collectable 'Idle Hands' and 'Seeds Of Life,'  originally issued on Roulette in 1971 by the percussion-driven Latin funk/soul band, HARLEM RIVER DRIVE, an aggregation fronted by Charlie and Eddie Palmieri. Legednary sticks man, Bernard Purdie, plays drums on the two tracks while Randy Brecker features on trumpet. On this release, the full-length album version of 'Seeds Of Life'  appears in a 45 format for the first time. This ace single - which sounds like a cross between Azteca and Tower Of Power - can be picked up for £10 and is out now.

For more info go to the Soul Brother website: 

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altThe latest release on Brian Power's Soulhouse label, the re-work of the Luther Vandross tune. ..'I Wanted Your Love' from Ronnie Herel and Ali Tennant, turned plenty of heads and got feet tapping throughout our lovely soul kingdom. Big, beaty and brash it was different to Mr V's original, but it somehow worked.

Now just when you thought it was safe to walk off the dance floor, the Herel/Tennant cut comes back in a splendid new remix from DJ Spen. Clever old Spen slows things down just tad and concocts a mix that's a little more subtle than the original. Less in your face, it's a proper soul dancer and good 'ole Spen skilfully and very cleverly throws in the riff from 'Glow Of Love'. Luther, I think, would be proud of this mix, especially as Ali Tennant does such a great job with his Luther sound-alike vocal.

Ronnie Herel and Ali Tennant; 'I Wanted Your Love' the DJ Spen remix will be released on Soulhouse Music on March 31st

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altSoul and funk collectors and anoraks love intrigue, odd facts, musical coincidence and mystery and when it comes to mysterious artists from the past, few are more mysterious and elusive than CHET IVEY.

Nicknamed "Poison" Ivey for obvious reasons, Chet was a radio DJ and leader of his own funk band, The Mighty Avengers and though he released something like 30 singles through the 70s, soul histories and text books make no mention of him. Twenty odd years ago Ace Records found his archive and released a compilation on him hoping it would galvanise someone somewhere to reveal more about Chet... but to no avail!

So, persistent as ever, Ace (through their BGP imprint) have just released a new 18 track set on the man and for the collection the Ace/BGP 'tecs have dug deep and come up with some decent biographical detail on funk's mystery man.

The excellent sleeve notes will tell you what you need to know while the music isn't half bad either. The 18 cuts (most recorded for the Sylvia label) offer a funk feast for 70s collectors with standout cut being a cover of Johnny Otis' 'So Fine'


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altTHE DELIGHTS were an obscure 60s groups that comprised brothers Keith and Ellis Hill, their cousin Jaime Hill, an unknown fourth and a youthful lead voice, Peaches. The Hills' cousin was Philly record producer Manny Campbell and in '68 he had the young Delights record a sweet soul ditty, 'Listen To Me Girl'. For whatever reason the record was never released until it appeared relatively recently on a Coastal Records compilation CD. The cut provoked loads of interest and so the ever-obliging Soul Junction Records have just released it on lovely 7" vinyl.

'Listen To Me Girl' is a busy, bustling, crisp 60s dancer with the lead vocal switching between one of the male group members and Ms Peaches. It reminds me a lot of the wonderful Esquires, save, of course, for the female lead.

Individual members of the Delights did go on to sing bvs for Philly groups like the O'Jays, the Delfonics and the Stylistics; then in the mid 70s a group of "Delights" recorded two singles for Phil-LA of Soul.

Given the paucity of Delights tracks, the Soul Junction team found it hard to unearth a B side to the release, so they've opted for something a little different, though still a Manny Campbell production. The cut they've selected for the B side is a proper modern soul anthem... TEARRA'S 'Just Loving You'. The song was recorded in 1980 in Atlanta and was the B-side to Tearra's second single for Midtown records. Only 500 copies were ever pressed (some credited to Teah Louise, Tearra's real name) but in time-honoured fashion 'Just Loving You' became an in-demand, modern soul anthem (and rightly so)... hard to find, till now! It's a delight... like the Delights' tune!


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