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alt'Honey Trap' is the new single from US soulstress LINA and it's the follow-up to her hit of last year 'Best Friend'. The tune has been produced by Regi Myrix and it's a sweet (geddit!!) little mover taken from an upcoming 2020 album, titled, we think, 'Supernatural Love'



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altHard to believe, yes, but it's been 20 years since we first heard and enjoyed the talents of HIL ST SOUL via their Dome album 'Soul Organic'. Back in 1999, Hil St Soul was a duo – Hilary Mwelwa and Victor Redwood Sawyer. Between them they crafted a wonderful take on contemporary soul that did something that back then was a rarity for a British soul record – it won the hearts and souls of American music lovers. Indeed the single 'Strictly A Vibe Thang' was a Billboard chart hit while the duo's take on 'Until You Come Back To Me' became the most played vocal track on US Smooth Jazz radio.

The celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'Soul Organic', Dome are reissuing the album in that new fangled vinyl thing. The album will be a double LP in a gatefold sleeve and includes three tracks that didn't appear on the original release and it's out now.

Since 1999 Hilary and Victor have worked on all kinds of projects and enjoyed plenty more success. Hilary, in particular, still using the Hil St Soul brand name is always in demand as a collaborator most recently with Brian Power on his Soulhouse music outings. My guess, though, is the Vic and Hil still hanker for the magic they created on 'Soul Organic'.

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altDon’t know too much about new soulstress ELUSIV or her album ‘Timeless’ save that her music is making waves on the underground soul scene. Traces of her on the web are hard to find. What is there is brief and enigmatic... she is, indeed proving “elusive”! What I’ve learned is that she’s called Maria (?) and hails from Detroit. ‘Timeless’ is her debut LP and it was produced by “Mr Groove” – Craig Lane and features BVs from (amongst others) ex Contour Odell Jones and Al Hudson.

It seems that Maria/Elusiv began by posting music on dating sites (?) and in that way she came into contact with Craig Lane and they quickly decided to work together. That “virtual” link up is celebrated in the track ‘U Had Me @ Hello’ . It’s a catchy tune with a booming, male bass voice intro that will remind you of the Temptations. Indeed Maria/Elusiv is a big fan of the Emperors of Soul... she says that the track ‘The Greatest Luv Of All’ is her homage to them.

That crazy spelling is a clue to another influence (I’m guessing) – Prince. So we have ‘N A Minute’ (an attempt at the erotic) , ‘Studda’- about man who stutters (yes!) while ‘Hunger’ is about Vampires! Then there’s ‘Naughtee Girl’ which is described thus: "this is about a woman fantasizing about all the men she's attracted to in her work place and wherever she goes. For example she starts at work then goes to the gym and then returns to work. She even fantasizes about the Parking Attendant while asking him to park her Car but she has total control over all of them in her Fantasy”.

Odd, definitely, but everything is delivered, in a wonderful contemporary soul sound that has lots of attraction... it’s out now!

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altSoul folk will know JO HARMAN from her time with the Soul Reality Collective, her high profile collaboration with Lamont Dozier and her version of AWB's 'Cloudy. Now as Ms H prepares for her autumn tour she's released a new single.... in response, really, to demand from audiences.

A song she regularly features at her shows is her version of Citizen Cope's ballad 'Sideways' and despite it being something of a show stopper, Jo has never recorded it ... till now. She laid it all down in just one take with simple accompaniment from American guitarist Chris Newland on acoustic and Melvin Duffy on Dobro. The trio create a sombre, uneasy mood but there's no denying the emotion. Little wonder the track has already attracted well over 100,000 Spotify plays in the last 28 days.

JO HARMAN: Sideways out now

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alt'Carry You' is the latest single from BRIAN OWENS who won a multitude of friends in the soul community with his albums 'Soul Of Ferguson' and his Johnny Cash tribute 'Soul Of Cash'.

'Carry You' , we're told, is taken from Mr Owens' upcoming 2020 long player and sonically it has an old school country/soul ballad feel to it while some of the singer's mannerisms might remind you of Marvin Gaye – a point already made by many commentators.

Lyrically the song explores the challenges of parenthood. Brian says: "'Carry You' was written at a time that my family was experiencing one of the most challenging seasons we have ever encountered. In particular, my wife and I and a young man who we have come to know and love as our very own son. Little did I know that I would end up writing a song as a letter to my son in his time of trial. For my wife and I, the most difficult times in parenting have been those moments when we see our children in distress and have seemingly no tangible solution. And then, our father, the Heavenly father, reminds us that those who carry others also need to be carried and that He is the great Carrier of us all. His presence, love and assurance would ultimately be the answer, and we passed that love on to our son."


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