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City_of_Soul_sleeve_artworkTo music fans of a certain vintage the name JIM DIAMOND will mean a string of mid-80s hits of which 'I Should Have Known Better' has become a staple of the oldies stations. Glasgow born and bred, JIM has continued to make music and the music he makes is the music that inspired him in his youth... sweet soul music.

A few months back JIM teamed up with RADIO CLYDE and SIR TOM HUNTER to make an album to raise money for SIR TOM'S very special Cash For Kids Charity. The LP was recorded in just 14 days and features the cream of Scotland's musicians. Amongst those on the LP are WET WET WET drummer TOMMY CUNNINGHAM, keyboardist from HUE AND CRY – GREG KANE and PROCLAIMERS' bassist – GARY JOHN KANE.

The album – 'City Of Soul' –has just been released on Camino Records and it features a set of 12 soul standards that are near and dear to JIM and the band. Songs include 'I'm Your Puppet', 'Spanish Harlem', 'Since I Lost My Baby' and 'Holy Cow' and with a full horn section behind them they're given a whole new vitality. More importantly, though, every penny raised from the sale of the album will go to SIR TOM HUNTER'S Cash For Kids Charity.

Go to our reviews section for an in-depth look at the album.



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alisaohri_-_cuz_I_Feel_cd_art_workNew Yorker ALISA OHRI released a great eponymous album earlier in the year and it kind of slipped under the soul radar. Produced by the legendary HUBERT EAVES, it's being re-promoted on the back of a couple of splendid remixes of one the LP's key tracks... 'Cuz I Feel'.

The original was always a steady yet sultry mid-tempo groove and the new tweaks underline those qualities. First up is the Remo Original Mix from ROSS EMMINS and DEE MAJEK which is just shaded by the Remo Electric Piano Mix. Here that "Electric Piano" comes courtesy of ace keyboardist JAMES COLAH whose deft figures track the soulful vocals of ALISA.

All the usual digital outlets should allow you to investigate.



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shapesmallTRU THOUGHTS release their newest 'Shapes' compilation at the beginning of October. The new 2 CD, 28 track pack offers a snapshot of the best of the label's current output and head man ROBERT LUIS admits that he's had a difficult job cherry picking amongst so much good stuff.

The set features music from amongst others LANU, KINNY, NOSTALGIA 77, BELLERUCHE, QUANTIC, ZED BIAS and HINT and the flavours show the variety that the Brighton-based label has become famous for. Of most interest, maybe, is 'Mother Earth' from LANU. This insistent little beater features lead vocal from current-flavour of the month ALOE BLACC. Back in 2007 he was more than happy to guest wherever he could and it's testament to LANCE FERGUSON that he spotted his potential back then.

SHAPES 11:01 is released on TRU THOUGHTS on October10th



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kenny-thomas_MG_6426KENNY THOMAS launched his new album, 'Breathe', with a sell-out show at London's Jazz cafe on September 2nd.... we sent our roving reporter ROB GIBSON along to check it out...

Put KENNY right where he is most comfortable – in front of a live band and with a stunning array of well-crafted and melodic tunes – old and new - and you're assured of one thing.... KT will deliver! The passion for his craft is written all over his face and with faultless delivery it's small wonder he's lauded with adjectives like 'legend' and "gifted".

The live arena is where he comes into his own. He commands the stage and performs with the skill of a truly seasoned performer easily the equal of his peers and you can't fail to notice that its 100% ALL about the music.

KENNY'S set was delivered with gusto and included renditions of old classics intermingled with tracks from the new album, ' Breathe', which slotted right in and flowed seamlessly alongside the anthemic tunes that brought him to prominence in the first place.

Included was the first release from the album - 'The Show Is Over' . This one, you might remember, was penned by MRS FRANCISCA THOMAS, and it's built on a slightly different vibe to KENNY'S usual material. The LP's title track, 'Breathe', with its gospel overtones, went down well with the partisan crowd, as did 'Baby It's You'. Also making their first outings were 'Unconditional Love' , 'How Do I Let You Go', 'Troubled Man' and 'Act Like You Know'.

It was also immensely rewarding for those who ventured out to hear the extremely clever ' I Will ' in a live setting.... (a tribute to Mezzafortes's Garden Party') and 'Him' which has now graduated into underground legend ......not forgetting renditions of 'Stay' and 'Crazy World' that shook the foundations of the old Jazz Cafe. You can see for yourself on YouTube!!

KENNY will be touring the show in the near future – keep an eye on KENNY'S web site for details –

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new-front-coverThere's an album doing the rounds that's already making waves on the underground soul scene and those in the know are tipping it to go massive. The album is 'Lap Dancer' from the enigmatic SOULPERSONA.

Little is known about SOULPERSONA, save he's a musician, producer and arranger from North London and 'Lap Dancer' is his second full album. The first – 2009's 'Soulcoaster' – established his name and in between making his own recordings Mr. SP has also worked with the likes of OLIVER CHEETHAM and JOCELYN BROWN. Leading the DIGISOUL BAND (Digisoul being the man's label), he was Musical Director for LEON WARE, JEAN CARNE, THE VALENTINE BROTHERS and SHEREE BROWN at last year's Giants Of Rare Groove sell-out show at the O2 Indigo and he's currently working with JOCELYN B on her new album which will be released on Digisoul at the end of the year.

There'll be a full review of 'Lap Dancer' here @ SJF very soon. In the meantime SOULPERSONA is currently offering a cross-section of his music absolutely free – all you need to do is go to

And for those who like big retro sounds, SOULPERSONA has just recorded a new track – 'You Did It Again'. This is a great slice of modern soul and features vocals from PRINCESS FREESIA who features throughout 'Lap Dancer'... and for those who need to know these things, the tune's bass line is nicked straight from KLEEER.

Find out more by going to

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