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altIt was one of late summer's big soul tunes ... 'BRIGHTER DAY' from UK soul and jazz guitarist DAVE MASCALL and US vocalist MIRACLE THOMAS.

Now the catchy cut has become available in a number of new mixes. First up there's the "Expectation" mix which slows things down a touch and it offers a newly recorded vocal (nothing wrong with the original, in our book!)

Then there's the "Strip down" mix, which is just that ... simple vocal and guitar blending beautifully to allow the duo's artistry to shine through.

Third up there's a "Steppa" mix, which features another resung vocal – to fit the new timing! This one, we're sure, will be ever present on air and in the clubs through autumn... ultra catchy!

Remember all the mixes are only available via Mr. Mascall's web site... website....



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alt'Strange Days' is the new long player from Egyptian/British singer/songwriter NATACHA ATLAS. The 10 tracker blends western and Arabic music and throws in a touch of jazz and a garnish of experimental soul for good measure.

The soul crowd will be drawn to the neo-soul ramble that is 'Words Of A King' which features Joss Stone on backing vocals. Elsewhere? Well expect the unexpected. Natacha's people describe the album as "a darkly, dystopian Arabic-infused jazz fantasy, evoking and emoting in equal measure". Agree of disagree when the album wins release on October 4th on Whirlwind Recordings.



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altSOULUTIONS' latest tune.... 'Beat Of My Heart' is currently huge.... and rightly so. Possibly the Geordie band's biggest production to date... a flavour of those sensuous Teddy P classics coupled with a touch of the Burt Bacharach's, it really works. Now the cut is available in a new mix ... "Bumpthegroove mix", an odd titling 'cos its' not that kind of bumping or grooving cut. But there you go... it's still sweet and lovely!

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altROMINA JOHNSON makes a welcome return to the scene with a new single – 'MORE' which is released 29th September.

Ms J of course, is known for her hit 'Moving Too Fast' and her modern soul anthem 'Never Do'and over the last few years, the Rome-born, Romina has been in-demand as a session singer in the studio and as top backing vocalist for a plethora of live shows with all sorts of artists.

Now 'More' brings her back into the solo spotlight. The tune is a bass-heavy soul groove and we believe it's from an upcoming album, 'Heartbeat'.



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altUK soul anoraks will be familiar with the name PETER HINDS... composer, musician, producer and songwriter. He was an original member of British funk band Light of the World and has worked with most of Britain's soul "names" most notably Incognito.

Peter is currently playing keyboards with the Brit Funk Association. But he's just launched a solo record credited to The Peter Hinds Experience. It's a beaty instrumental called 'Soul Reflections (Pete's Return)' and it just so infectious... everything's in the mix it seems – steel drums, tinkling vibes , sweet strings, tight beats and a rock solid bass line from Ernie of Boogie Back productions. 'Soul Reflections (Pete's Return)' is out now.


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