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altOngoing legal proceedings on the issue of whether ED SHEERAN'S number one hit 'Thinking Out Loud' was based on Marvin Gaye's 1973 classic 'Let's Get It On' became more protracted last week when a US judge rejected Sheeran's call for the case accusing him of a copying infringement to be dropped. In his decision, District Judge Louis Stanton said a jury should decide. He added that he'd found "substantial similarities between several of the two works' musical elements".

The action was brought against Sheeran by a group that includes the estate and heirs of the late producer Ed Townsend, who co-wrote' Let's Get It On' with Gaye. Their lawyer said that Mr Townsend's family were looking forward to the case being heard in court. They say that Sheeran "copied the heart of 'Let's' and repeated it continuously throughout 'Thinking'." Judge Stanton also said that jurors "may be impressed by footage of a Sheeran performance which shows him seamlessly transitioning between the songs."

In 2017 Sheeran settled a $20m copyright infringement claim against him in the US, over his hit song 'Photograph'. Also in 2017, the team behind TLC's 1999 single 'No Scrubs' were given writing credits on Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You'. The previous year songwriters Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington had sued Sheeran, claiming one of his ballads had a similar structure to their song 'Amazing'.

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altUS sources are reporting that BOOTSY COLLINS has announced his retirement from live performances. His Facebook page published this message: "Time has come for Me to tell all our Funkateers that I will Not be Playing Bass in Concerts anymore. I have decided to become a Coach for up & coming Musicians. I know u r Disappointed just think for a moment how I feel. Doc said to much pressure on my Inner-Ear & Right Hand. Yeah, I had to make up my Mind so I did. 2019 Sheriff Ping Ping Ping will continue to Funk from the Studio but Not Live playing Bass on Stage. I know u got question & I don't have answers, maybe one day u to will understand. Just remember; That This Year will be the Funkiest Year of them All. Watch for it. Bootsy baby!!!"

The post went on to say, though, that the legendary bassist will continue to record.



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altVERSIE JEAN is the working name of new US song bird, Tiana White. Ms White/Jean hails from the Pacific Northwest and she's working with ex Stone City Bandsman, Stone Paxton. The pair are preparing Versie's debut long player – 'Sincerely Versie Jean' – due in a couple of months.

The album's lead single has just been released and 'Best Friend' is a sweet and gentle pop soul confection with some subtle changes – a far cry from the work Paxton crafted with Rick James.

Versie Jean - Best Friend - Out Now



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altRight at year end we highlighted a new tune from English-born, Australian-raised singer-songwriter DAISY HICKS. Cut in question was a sweet little acoustic thing 'When I'm Gone' – not to be confused with the Brenda Holloway Motown classic, by the way. The song was offered in its original version and a Metlife ( Michael Gray/Jon Pearn)  mix. That mix won plenty of plays over the party season – it ticked all the boxes for the sophisticated soul crowd.

Now as a new year unfolds, 'When I'm Gone' is back again in a new mix – this time from top Italian mixer/producer ALEX DI CIÒ. Young Alex's tweak is a little more laid back than the Metlife mix and it has a lovely little jazz undertow – as befits it subtitling.... "jazid mix". Chunky, chinking guitars and crystalline vibes add to the attraction – nice tune!

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altLatest offering from soul backroom veteran PRESTON GLASS is a sweet, undemanding cut from American soulster simply known as MASTA. Masta's been around for some time without breaking out but he tells us that he's happy working the live and session circuit.... cabaret, cruises, musical theatre, commercials and a little music teaching here and there.

His collaboration with Preston Glass is an old school, soul swinger, 'What Am I Supposed To Do?'. The tune makes no demands; it's easy on the ear but Mr M has a fine, gruff baritone delivery – sort of mid-way between David Ruffin and Ali Ollie Woodson.

MASTA: What Am I Supposed To Do? is out now

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