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altAussie soul and funk Hammond trio, COOKIN' ON 3 BURNERS, are coming to London for an exclusive gig.

The band, maybe best known for their chart topping single 'This Girl', will be playing London's UNDER THE BRIDGE on FRIDAY October 6th.

Full details are available from the venue

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altLatest release from the prolific UK soul man (Stuart) MATHER is his updating of the Robert Palmer tune 'You Are In My System'. It's ultra catchy and very radio friendly as Stuart cleverly mixes it in with Toto's 'Georgy Porgy' (soul buffs will know the Luther Vandross-vocalised Charme version and Side Effect's cover too).

The song's already been play listed on a number of stations and the download will be available very soon.



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altWhile we await the release of Detroit soul/jazzer KATHY KOSINS' 'Uncovered ' album , the lady's just released the title track as a taster/first single. 'Uncovered' (the song) is a meandering ballad that allows KK to show off her vocal prowess ... makes you realise why tastemakers like Gilles Petersen are championing Ms Kosins.

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altLatest single from Chicago-born, LA-raised soul singer GINA CAREY is 'Fight' – a song specially written to give hope to cancer sufferers and survivors. It's a tough, yet optimistic soul groove with all proceeds going to cancer research projects.

GINA CAREY'S 'Fight' is out now on Gico Music.



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altHere's a proper blast from the past! Remember RANDY MULLER? Sure you do....he was the sonic meister behind Brass Construction, Skyy, BT Express, First Circle, and Raphael Cameron. Years ago it seems Mr M dropped off the radar but, we're told he's dabbled in jazz and house music and mentored a band called Soul Biscuits.

Randy's latest foray into the crazy world of soul and dance is a light, little dance item... 'Beautiful Feelin'. He calls his song "A timeless cry for unity and coming together" and the vocals are fronted by a feisty Carolyn Harding.

The tune, released on Plaza Records out of New York City, is out now and available in 5 mixes and our money's on the tougher Nigel Lowis mix

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