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altSoul-a-Go-Go is a monthly soul night that takes place in Melbourne ... yes, that's Melbourne, Australia! The night started way back in 2007 and since then it's become a mainstay of the Melbourne music scene.... the Go Go people say: "A night of music for lovers of getting down and having a good time."

Well, Australia's a far way to go to test that claim but you can be sure that they're bob on the mark by checking out a brand new 7" single simply called 'Soul-a-Go-Go'. The disc is credited to the SOUL MESSIN' ALLSTARS who comprise members of The Putbacks, Cookin' On 3 Burners, The Teskey Brothers, Fulton Street, The Meltdown, The Wolfgramm Sisters and Cara Robinson. In other words, the cream of the Aussie soul scene all marshalled by Jake Mason (Cookin' On 3 Burners) and Eric McCusker (Mondo Rock).

The tune is a 24 carat Northern soul monster. Lots and lots of modern soulsters try to capture the classic Northern sound but they rarely get it right. Well, believe me, on 'Soul –a-Go-Go', everything is right – so right that if someone told you this was an old, unissued 60s track from some obscure, US indie label you'd totally believe it... yes, it is that good!

'Soul –a-Go-Go' will be released on limited edition 7" on Soul Messin' Records on October 18th. You'd be a fool to ignore it!



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altAvid soul sleeve readers might recognize the name RON E BECK. The Omaha-born drummer has played and worked with plenty of big names on the road and in the studio. Most famously maybe he was with Tower of Power for three seminal years but he’s also worked with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., Bobby Womack, John Lee Hooker, Thom Bell, Sylvester and 2 Tons of Fun, Bill Withers, Dr. Lonnie Smith and Fred Wesley (that’s just a sample from his CV!)

Ron now works out of North California where he runs the Ron E Beck Drum Institute (ReBDI) while still playing live and recording. Right now he’s busy promoting his fifth solo LP – ‘DNA’, an unusual and interesting project. You see Ron calls the 13 tracker his “legacy project” – a sort of family tree and a celebration of kinship and true to that idea many of the artists on the set are members of his immediate family ... his Mom, Jeanne Rogers, his twin brother Donnie, 1 of his 3 daughters and 3 of his grandchildren.

With such an age span amongst the contributors, the music encompasses all kinds of genres. Here there’s jazz, R&B, soul, hip-hop, neo-soul, gospel and a lot more! One of the key tracks is ‘Doin’ The Best I Can’ which takes us back to Ron's childhood and the simple, honest philosophy to do your very best that was his mother’s mantra! Musically, it’s a sweet mid tempo soul groove . ‘Lonely Hearts’ is another soul highlight – reminiscent of the great harmony groups like the Whispers ... no coincidence, Ron has worked with them many times! As enjoyable are takes on the standards ‘The Nearness Of You’ and ‘Moonlight In Vermont’ – oddly cheek by jowl with the rapping of ‘Day 1ne’ . It all adds to the interest of ‘DNA’ which is out now on California’s ReBec Records.

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altDoesn't seem that long ago that we were enjoying a new album from soul/jazz guitarist EMMANUEL "U-NAM" ABITEBOUL. 'Future Love' was a classic guitar-led smooth jazz set and featured a new take on Luther Vandross' 'Get It Right'. That was followed by the single 'Soul Walkin'' – a jaunty foot tapper that had only been available on Japanese versions of 'Future Love'. Demand, though, was such that U-Ham has decided to make' Soul Walkin'' a focus track on another new long player... 'The Love Vault'. However, "new" isn't quite the right adjective. You see most of the cuts come from U-Nam's extensive archive (hence the album title) and he says that this has given him the opportunity to re-visit old friends and offer things that have been hidden away for far too long!

The album boasts plenty of tight soul grooves like the aforementioned 'Soul Walkin''... things like 'Love Potion' but there's plenty of variety. Amongst the highlights is a sweet 'Sexy Fresh' – a lush production that might call to mind some of Barry White's work with Love Unlimited. 'Hear My Dear' (a nod to dear old Marvin) is another shimmering production with Magdalena Chovancova on saxes. There's also a couple of vocoded items and you can also enjoy U-Nam's recent high profile outing with James Day under the name JD's Time Machine. The track, of course, is 'Celebrate Your Body' - a big summer tune and great to have it on 'The Love Vault' which is released on Skytown records on October 11th.

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altGeorge Benson's 'Give Me The Night' is a 24 carat soul and dance classic and to prove that you can't keep a good song down, you can now enjoy the tune in a totally new, Jazzy Brazilian format courtesy of Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel... the duo at the heart of Los Charlys Orchestra. The pair give the tune a complete makeover and to add even more sparkle they bring in Xantone Blacq to handle the big vocal.

This new tweak of 'Give Me the Night' is the title track on a new EP from Juan and Jorge. The mini album's two other songs are 'Fly Me With You' and 'The Notion' and both continue the exotic flavours of 'Night' with the latter being just a tad more stately. Vocals on these two songs come via Heidi Vogel. The EP is completed with the instrumental track to 'Fly Me With You' and it will be available from 18th October.

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altKIZZY CRAWFORD is a Welsh singer/songwriter of African heritage and last summer her catchy single 'Progression' won plenty of support both with its poppy/soulful musicality and the message in the music – growing up, confused and scared because of prejudice. That theme is also explored on 'Golden Brown' – one of the focus tracks on Kizzy's debut album 'The Way I Dream'.

The 11 tracker is an eclectic mix of blue-eyed soul, pop and folk and there are even two songs in Welsh – 'Achub Fi' and 'Adlewyrchu Arnaf' . Kizzy admits that her Welsh heritage is important to her. She finds the language has its own musicality and she's proud to exploit that. 'Real Love' is another album highlight and possibly is the most immediately accessible track on the album – building to a catchy hook.

Commentators have compared Ms Crawford to people like Corrine Bailey Rae, Lianne La Havas and Laura Mvula and that might just encourage you to investigate when 'The Way I Dream' is released on Freestyle Records on October 25th

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