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altBack in 2015, JOSS STONE subtly changed direction with her 'Water For Your Soul' album. The set was more reggae than soul and indeed it was voted best reggae album of that year by Billboard. In places the long player, a collaboration with people like Nitin Sawney, Damian Marley and Dennis Bovell, was hugely experimental and now Ms Stone continues the experimental as she's just announced a competition based around the album.

Joss' people say that there will be 3 separate contests giving participants worldwide the chance to remix one of 5 songs from the album in each contest. The winners of each song will have their remix track featured on the reissued album, win $500 and various other benefits including membership of Splice– the cloud platform for music creation, collaboration and sharing.

In the first contest, participants can remix the singles 'Love Me', 'This Ain't Love', 'Star', 'Let Me Breathe', and 'Stuck On You'.

For more information go to

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                                    altReleased in a limited edition format for this year's getting-ever-closer Record Store Day (if you don't know, it's April 21st) is an exciting new release from MILES DAVIS.  It's a four-track 45 rpm 12-inch EP devoted to 'Rubberband,' a rare track that Miles cut in his first recording session for Warner Bros after quitting Columbia in 1985. The project, originally helmed by Randy Hall and Zane Giles together with Miles was shelved and the trumpeter, then 59, went on to join forces with Marcus Miller and record the groundbreaking 'Tutu.'

The original version of 'Rubberband' - which is present as the final cut on the new EP - was a slice of synth-heavy techno-funk with Miles soloing on top. Recalls Randy Hall: “It was fat grooves, really funky, Miles talking. It was street and funky and dirty. We didn’t go after writing a great jazz song, Miles wanted the street thing; he wanted the chord changes he wanted to play. The basis was to take it to the street like 'On The Corner,' it was Miles taking more chances.” Zane Giles confirms Miles insistence on breaking away from jazz: “Miles kept saying ‘I don’t wanna do my usual stuff. I wanna do something different.’”

Now, though, the track had been revamped and contemporized by its original producers, Hall and Giles, together with Miles' nephew, Vince Wilburn Jr (who played drums of the original take) as an R&B-style vocal cut featuring  Grammy-nominated singer and Verve recording artists, Ledisi Young. The groove is slower, more organic-sounding, with Ledisi's vocal intertwining sublimely with Miles' lyrical muted trumpet.  On the EP you'll find a radio edit, the uncut full-length version, and an instrumental take plus the original iteration from '85. The album artwork uses one of Miles Davis' paintings.

Miles Davis's 'Rubberband' EP is released by Rhino/Warner Music Group on April 21st.

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altRight at the end of the 60s beat boom (February 1968 to be precise) the UK pop chart was topped by the perennial (geddit!) 'Everlasting Love' from the LOVE AFFAIR. The record was the band's cover of the classic Robert Knight soul tune and the Love Affair's lead singer, STEVE ELLIS, tackled the song with his own twist on blue-eyed soul. In 1969 Love Affair imploded and Steve embarked on a solo career but lack of success saw him quit the business to find work on the docks in London. A bad dockside accident forced him out of work so to make ends meet Mr E turned back to music.

He resurrected a version of Love Affair and toured the oldies circuit but he also found himself working alongside people like Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller. With their encouragement, Steve released two solo long players and next month he releases a third.... 'Boom! Bang! Twang!

The new 11 tracker offers flavours as diverse as rock, R&B, reggae, blues, pop and, of course, blue-eyed soul. Steve shows off his soul roots with a respectful treatment of William Bell's 'I Forgot To Be Your Love' while Paul Weller contributes two songs.... 'Cry Me A River 'and 'Lonely No More'. That one's classic Weller... brimming optimism, it's a great choice for the set's first single. Album highlight, though, is a throwback to Steve's 60s heyday. ... a cover of Gerry and the Pacemakers' 'Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying'. It's just a great pop song; little wonder it's been covered by so many diverse artists and Steve Ellis' version is up there with the best.

STEVE ELLIS BOOM! BANG! TWANG! is released on Sony on April 20th

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altMost soulful house heads have a soft spot for ALISON LIMERICK. Her 'Where Love Lives' was a huge 90s club hit. Since then she's worked all over the place and with all kinds of people but most recently she's teamed up with New York DJ LENNY FONTANA to collaborate on a new single.

The tune - 'Bye Bye' - is a big energy bundle, riding on electro beats but it's the powerful vocal that grabs the attention. Alison has lost none of the raw power and passion she displayed on 'Where Love Lives' and Mr. Fontana has captured it perfectly.


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altLast autumn we brought to the attention of adventurous soul seekers a performer known as SLY5TH.AVE. Sly5th.Ave is the alter ego of Texan muso Sylvester Onyejiaka whose influences, he says, are West African music, soul and jazz. He's been around a while.... a graduate of the University of North Texas, he's worked with Philip Lassiter, Prince's New Power Generation, Stevie Wonder, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Janelle Monáe and Quantic.

His last single was a bumpy, cosmic soul groove, 'Let Me Ride' which featured vocals from Jimetta Rose with backing from a full live, orchestra. No wonder it caused a stir.

The man's new single wins release in April and it's a cover of 'Still D.R.E' (more of D.R.E. later). The new rework, like 'Let Me Ride', features full orchestration and they achieve a broody, moody feeling that is never less than interesting. The tune's putative B side is a new mix of 'Let Me Ride' which has been tweaked by Stro Elliot of the Roots.

The single is another instalment in Sly5th.Ave's ongoing tribute to Dr Dre. There's a full long player ('The Invisible Man: An Orchestral Tribute to Dr. Dre') on the way but in the meantime we can enjoy the shifty, moody single which, by the way, is currently being championed by people like Lauren Lavern, Craig Charles and Jazz FM.


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