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altFounding member of Scotland's AVERAGE WHITE BAND, MALCOLM "MOLLY" DUNCAN died yesterday, Tuesday 7th October. He was 74 and had been suffering with cancer.

The AWB face book page posted: "We are saddened to learn of the passing of our old friend and tenor player, Molly Duncan. He had a recent bout with cancer, and so one half of the "Dundee Horns" is with us no more. His was the world famous sax solo on Pick Up The Pieces, but apart from that, he was one of the funniest and most charming people you could ever meet. He was a founding member of the band - also from Dundee Art College, as are Roger Ball and Alan Gorrie - and will be sorely missed. His son, Dan, was with him at the end, and our condolences are with him and other family members.

Duncan was born in Montrose, Scotland in 1945 and in 1972 he teamed up with Alan Gorrie, Owen "Onnie" McIntyre, Michael Rosen (soon replaced by Hamish Stuart), Roger Ball and Robbie McIntosh (later replaced by Steve Ferrone) to form the Average White Band. They thought their music skills were, well, "Average" and the rest is self explanatory. Duncan and Ball provided the band's beefy brass sound and were dubbed "The Dundee Horns". In 1973, AWB got their big break as the opening act on Eric Clapton's "comeback" tour. Their debut album for MCA, 'Show Your Hand' didn't do too well and they were dropped by the label. However, Clapton's tour manager, Bruce McCaskill, helped them to secure a deal with Atlantic Records who teamed them with producer Arif Mardin. Soon, AWB were flying!. Their self titled Atlantic debut stormed the charts while singles like 'Pick Up The Pieces' and 'Cut The Cake' (from the follow up album) have become soul music staples.

Three more successful albums followed and the band were constantly in demand on the live circuit and though they continued to deliver blistering funk à la 'Cut The Cake' they also developed a mellower side ; try 'A Love of Your Own' and 'Cloudy' while their 'Let's Go Round Again' became (and remains) a disco classic. Soul-wise, perhaps the band's most engaging long player is their collaboration with Ben E King.

In 1982 AWB broke up but they reformed in '87 with a core of McIntyre, Ball and Duncan and worked on and off in various incarnations but more recently Duncan has worked with Hamish Stuart and Steve Ferrone in the 360 Band (see our archive for information).


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altLatest offering from BEY BRIGHT'S Bright Vision Entertainment Corp is a 5 track EP... 'Soul Nostalgia 2'. All five tunes were written, produced and arranged by Bey Bright and feature indie soul vocalists Donae, Ezinne and Nia Simmons who fronts the remix of her previously popular 'Together As One'.

The mini album's other focus cut is the crisp little beater that is 'Put Me On' and the whole thing is digitally available right now from all the usual platforms.

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altBIG FUNK FACTORY D-FUNKT is a music collective that (at times) includes UK music biz stalwarts Mat Johnson (Jamiroquai), Wayne Nunes, Perry Melius, Michael Brown, Andrew Mitchell, Jodie Linscott and Janet Ramus. Helping them out on their latest album, 'Transaction Declined' is Ernie McKone and between them they concoct a story that describes the adventures of Dweeb Droid, aged rocker AWM and a cast of several more weird and wonderful characters.

Musically, the sound is maybe best described as electro funk but with Ernie McKone on board, the soul is never far away – try the tasty 'Independent Street' complete with some tasty brass work and a great horn solo.

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altVARGES THOMAS is a musician/producer/arranger/composer from funk central ...Dayton Ohio. His home town connection brought him in touch with Marshall Jones of the Ohio Players who, in turn, introduced him to Roger Troutman who went on to mentor New Horizons, a band that featured Varges and his brother. The band released two albums and enjoyed a hit with 'Your Thing Is Your Thing'.

More recently Mr. T has been collaborating with southern soul and blues man Bigg Robb but right now he's working on his own album....'Destiny' , from which the lead single has just come out.

The tune is an insistent little thing called 'Ladies Night' (nothing to do with Kool and the Gang!) and you won't be surprised to learn that there's just a touch of the Dayton sound about it – albeit a rather gentle touch. It boasts a sedate stepping feel too; indeed there's lots going on and it's available to stream /download via all the usual portals.

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alt60s soul fans always had a soft spot for the SMALL FACES. The London band became mod icons and in Steve Marriott they possessd a magnificent blue-eyed soul singer long before that phrase was ever coined. The quartet - Marriott, drummer Kenney Jones, bassist Ronnie Laine and organ grinder Ian McLagan weren't half bad instrumatlists either and you can hear their collcetive instrumental skills on a new four track vinyl EP from Acid Jazz Records.

The tunes on the mini collection are 'Grow Your Own', 'Almost Grown', 'Own Up Time' and 'Plum Nellie' and on each one the band play with real energy as McLagan channels his inner Booker T.

Interestingly, Acid Jazz is a fitting home for the collection – you see, label boss Eddie Piller's mum was in charge of the Small Faces fan club in the 60s! More to the point, the release has the full aproval of Kenney Jones (the only surviving member); indeed Kenney has pened the sleeve notes while the cover photo is a classic 1966 Tony Gale pic.

Aptly titled 'Four To The Floor' the EP is out on 25th October on Acid Jazz Records.

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