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altThe ab fab COOL MILLION team (Frank and Rob) are celebrating their tenth anniversary year and for some time now we've been promised a very special commemorative album... well, it's almost here. The new album is called 'Stronger' – named for the recent spectacular Cool Million single that featured James D Train Williams. That title is very significant.... it reflects the fact that after ten years COOL MILLION'S music's getting stronger all the time!

Full album review of 'Stronger' here @ SJF very soon.

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altOne of the most intriguing, challenging and downright soulful series of albums over the last few years has been the '1968 trilogy' from New York's RASHEED ALI. First we had '1968 Soul Power'; then there was '1968: Black Power' which was followed by '1968: Love Power'.

As someone much more eloquent than me once said, Rasheed's message was in his music and thankfully that music and those messages keep on coming. Mr A, you see, is all set to release a brand new collection... '1968:The Other Side Of Town' of which he says: "1968 is the sound of a generation. A musical time machine that detours into the imagination. A coming-of-age story for a generation of radical, free thinking kids. I wanted old heads to remember their unique consciousness and younger generations, like my sons, to understand some things I had lived."

Full review of the album here @ SJF very soon.

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altLatest release from DJ SPEN'S Quantize Recordings is wonderful remake of the ANGIE STONE classic 'I Wish I Didn't Miss You', which you'll remember was the focus track on her essential album, 2001's 'Mahogany Soul'.

This classy and soulful cover features a revealing vocal performance by Ms TASHA LARAE. Spen had some worries covering such a big tune. He says: "we've dug real deep on this one to pay homage to such a beautiful & timeless record". What he delivers (across 7 mixes!) is respectful and worthy of such a great original and Tasha's vocal is a revelation.... oh, and yes, on some of the mixes they keep the 'Backstabbers' sample while on other tweaks we are served some fab, jazzy keys from Gary Hudgins, John Morales and Spen.

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altGOOOD NEWS (yep, that's the right spelling) is a multicultural International group with members coming from all over the place! They're being mentored by the wonderfully named Legendary McNichols (who's worked with the Undisputed Truth and Edwin Starr), producer Luke Garison and A&R man Curtis Reynolds.

Goood News have just released their debut single on 4th Ward Records and 'CAN'T STOP THE LOVE' is a bouncy, mid tempo soul groove that owes something to the great sounds of the 80s. It's out now.



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altHere's a great quiz question – name the US musician who's won 20 Grammys (nominated for 72!), 4 Oscars (nominated for 18!), a Golden Globe and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award? No, not Burt Bacharach, John Williams, Danny Elfman or any other fly by night! The answer is Enrico Nicola Mancini... HENRY MANCINI to you and me!

Born in 1924, Henry Mancini was a prolific composer, arranger, producer, conductor and performer and you can catch up with some of his very best work via a new 30 track compilation from budget label, Jasmine Records.

Most people know Mancini for his iconic 'Pink Panther' theme. Sadly that's not included here. It was released in 1963 – outside the remit of this collection which covers 1956 – 1962. But who needs it when you can enjoy stuff like 'The Peter Gunn Theme', 'Big Noise From Winnetka', 'The Days Of Wine And Roses', 'The Second Time Around' and the incomparable and enigmatic 'Moon River'. Interestingly, that song – one of the worlds's most covered – was almost lost. A Paramount movie exec wanted to cut it from 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'. The movie's star Audrey Hepburn demanded (thankfully) that it stayed... and the rest...

HENRY MANCINI; MOON RIVER the singles collection 1956 – 1962 is out now

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