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altJOEY OSCAR is a drummer/percussionist who hails from St Louis. His day job is playing in the band that works for Daystar Television Network, an award winning, faith-based network that spreads their Gospel 24 hours a day, seven days a week – all around the globe!

In what down time he has, Joey has been working on his own music project - a five track EP, 'We Are One' that has just won release. Joey says that the mini album was "birthed through much experience and inspired by love and life. Each song will capture the hearts of the listener and speaks to the soul".

Helping Joey give shape to his ideas are Grammy Award Winning Guitarist Mark Lettieri and Bobby Sparks on keys. Given Joey's background, you'd be right in guessing that there are messages in his music – like the searing, soulful 'Let It Go' though modern room dancers might want to investigate 'True Love' .

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altBack in January, UK soul reissue specialists SOUL JUNCTION released a tasty single on ROBERT MONTGOMERY and CHAIN REACTION. The tune, 'I Need You Girl', was an in-demand item originally released on Crescent Records in 1976 and fans of the song likened it to Ronnie McNeir's early material.

After the '76 release of the song, Robert spent a year touring with a band called Villaruz before eventually pitching up in Atlanta in 1978. There he teamed up with Ripple – remember their 'The Beat Goes On'? Then, using Ripple musicians, Robert went into the studio and cut four of his own songs, two of which have just surfaced as the A and B sides of a brand new Soul Junction 45.

Top side is a classy modern soul dancer, 'Time Of The Day' while the flip is a tougher dancer, 'Take Me High'. Both win their first official release here.

Back in '78 Robert Montgomery couldn't get his songs placed commercially so he quit the business to sell insurance... a job he stuck at, we're told, for over 30 years, never knowing that his music was quietly becoming collectable in the UK and Europe!

ROBERT MONTGOMERY'S 'Time Of The Day'/ 'Take Me High is released on SOUL JUNCTION on June 19th


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altIn a couple of weeks, fans of MINT CONDITION will be delighted when lead singer STOKLEY WILLIAMS steps forward to release his first solo album.... 'Introducing Stokley'.

We're told that the long player features guest input from amongst others Robert Glasper and Estelle. Glasper and Williams have collaborated before of course.... in 2008 the drummer/vocalist lent his vocals to a cover of the 2008 Mint Condition song "Why Do We Try" which featured on Robert Glasper Experiment's GRAMMY-winning 'Black Radio' album.

Lead single from 'Introducing Stokley' is a luscious mid-tempo groove, 'Level'. Self-produced, our man says: "We all seek to find someone or something that fits just right for us. Everybody wants something that fits with them comfortably. Something on their level."

'Level 'is already scaling the US singles charts while the album is released on June 23rd (through Concord Records / Decca UK).

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altBack in 2014 the SOS BAND (yes!!!... them) made a comeback of sorts with the single 'Just Get Ready''. But for all kinds of complicated reasons the single was quickly withdrawn and and lost in complex wheelings and dealings.

Well the good news is that 'Just Get Ready from Atlanta's SOUNDS OF SUCCESS BAND (SOS BAND... geddit?) is back out there and being madly re-promoted.

Like their best Tabu waxings, 'Just Get Ready' captures retro electro flavours, tight beats, a funk garnish and always soulful vocals. We're told there's an album in the pipe line but in the meantime enjoy 'Just Get Ready'!

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altBIG BAD WOLF are a new future soul band and we really do mean "new".... tell me how many bands do you know that boast a trombone, guitar, bass and drums line up?

Next month (July 14th to be exact) they release their debut album, 'Pond Life' which they describe as "a genre blurring, distinctive work that captures the very best in improvisational dexterity and an individual contemporary sound".

Big Band Wolf are: trombonist OWEN DAWSON - a graduate of the Royal Academy Of Music, who's played with people like The John Wilson Orchestra; guitarist ROB LUFT - a prize winner in the 2016 Montreux jazz guitar festival; bassist MICHAEL DE SOUZA – another Royal Academy Of Music graduate and fellow RAM graduate drummer JAY DAVIS – winner of the prestigious Elton John Music Prize.

BIG BAD WOLF: POND LIFE is released on 14 July

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