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altBack in November we highlighted a single from STONE PAXTON - 'Baby Girl!. Fans of Rick James immediately pricked up their collective ears - Mr P was a key member of Rick James's 'Stone City Band' and they were delighted to learn that the single heralded a new album..... 'In The Key Of Love'; now we are delighted to report for Paxton/James followers that said album is now readily available.

Amongst the album highlights is a crisp beater, 'I Don't Think' while the romantics should aim for the smoocheroonie that is 'Tu m'aimes'.

Stone Paxton's 'In The Key Of Love' is out now on Prodigee Records while his collaboration with new soulstress Versie Jean – ''Best Friend' – is worth investigation too.

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altNEO is the working name of French muso, Stéphane d'Esposito. He was born in 1970 in Marseille, France and has been composing, producing and broadcasting music for over 30 years. The UK soul world first got to know him via his work with Rudi Wilburn on the song 'Your Smile' and a subsequent mixing collaboration with Drizabone.

Right now Neo is heading up a project called "NeoSakanoko Productions". Working with his partner and eldest son, the team make video clips, short films and illustrate their own musical output with creative visuals. Their latest release is a soulful house track, 'C'est Paris' which races along on cool jazz guitar licks and an even cooler French, femme vocal and, yes, it sounds obvious, but there is a definite Parisian ambience about the whole affair.

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altAFRO-BLUE PERSUASION were a late 60s West Coast jazz combo led by vibraphonist Ulysses Crockett. The rest of the band consisted John Miller (piano), Harold Haynes (congas), Robert Belinksy (drums) and Robert Bing Nathan (bass). Their brand of Afro-Cuban jazz won them lots of support in and around the Bay area but, oddly, they recorded infrequently.

However in 1967, the group's performance at The Haight Levels club was taped and after laying dormant for 52 years, Mo-Jazz Records are set to issue the recording in a de-luxe vinyl format. The five tracker is a mix of originals and covers – like 'The Girl From Ipanema'. The cut that is causing excitement amongst genre collectors is the almost 11 minute 'Philadelphia Mambo'... full on Afro-Cuban.

Afro-Blue Persuasion's 'Live At Haight Levels' is released on Mo-Jazz on 25 January and we're told there's a second volume on the way in March.



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altThe title 'The Fish Song' might not suggest a super soul cut – rather a jingle or commercial for a fish shop or fast food outlet and sadly that's what record company execs and radio jocks thought when five piece ensemble THE NEW CREATION tried to get promotion and airplay for their 1974 cut of that name! Sadly despite optimistically pressing up 2000 copies, the record meant little but, as is often the way, the song eventually became a cult item on the rare groove circuit in the UK and Europe and those 2000 records started to fetch big, big bucks.

To satisfy collectors' demands, UK niche label SOUL JUNCTION have released 'The Fish Song' as their first 7" vinyl single of 2019 and like all Soul Junction output, it's sure to sell out fast 'cos 'The Fish Song' is a sweet and soulful harmony delight. Busy and brassy, in places it mind remind you of the Esquires and, yes, it is quirky but that only adds to its charms. For the B side, Soul Junction have chosen 'Elijah Knows' – a song about the group's allegiance to the Nation Of Islam – but it's not heavy or didactic – just another pleasing harmony outing. By the way, if you need a guarantee of quality we'll just say that production on both tracks is by H B Barnum!

For the anoraks, the New Creation were Robert James Randle, his son- Keith Randle, cousin Mel Houston, his step father William Cooper and the enigmatically named Wayne E-2X. For sure, their career was brief – but 'The Fish Song' is a mini harmony treasure.

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altRANDY HALL is a Chicago guitarist and singer who's been around for quite some time. He began his career as a teenager working with the Staple Singers and more famously, maybe worked with Miles Davis on his 'Rubberband' and 'Man With Horn' projects. Randy's also worked with people like Diana Ross, Ramsey Lewis, Ray Parker Jr and Pleasure and he also has a strong back catalogue of his own solo work as well as an enviable track record in the world of TV and movie soundtracks.

Right now Randy is promoting a new single ... a steady, pleading R&B groove , 'How Do You Want Your Love?' on which the quality  betrays his years in the business. The original is classy and cool but the modern soul crowd will probably prefer the snappier 'Steppers Mix' and covering all the bases, Hall also offers the tune in an electro charged House mix.

RANDY HALL: 'How Do You Want Your Love?' out now on Six Nine Records.

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