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alt'It's Not All Bad, I Promise' is the optimistically titled  debut album from Bristol-based muso MAC LLOYD. Mac (real name's Robert McLeod) works across a number of genres - jazz, hip-hop, soul and electronica and he fuses them into his own unique, spaced-out ambient soundscape. The mood on the concise seven tracker is decidedly downbeat and experimental.

That sound is maybe best represented by the album's lead single, the subtle, drowsy 'Trapped' for which there is a suitably moody video shot in downtown Bristol.

Helping Mac deliver his very personal sound are Ben Holyoake (Guitar & Bass), Oliver Cocup (Drums) and vocalists Cassie Madly and Jman.

If you want to investigate something unusual go to

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                           altThe veteran, much-garlanded keyboard magus, BOB JAMES, has just released a new album with his trio called 'Espresso' on Evosound.  Produced by Sonny Abelardo, it features drummer, Billy Kilson, and bass player, Michael Palazzolo, who offer sympatico accompaniment to the 78-year-old Missouri-born pianist.

'Espresso' offers eleven selections, ranging from brand new songs to unique covers of the Grover Washington Jr-associated 'Mister Magic' (which James played on in 1975) to a revamp of his cult tune, Nautilus - much sampled by the hip-hop fraternity - which provides the musical DNA to a new tune, 'Submarine.'  

Look out for SJF's interview with Bob James coming very soon.

'Espresso' is out now via Evosound Records

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altTop US house producer LENNY FONTANA is sure getting plenty of mileage out of his track 'Raise Your Hands'. House heads will know it straight away and the soul crowd might remember it since it featured a big, big vocal from a certain JAMES D TRAIN WILLIAMS.

The tune first surfaced at the end of 2015 and the following year it hit us again in three new mixes from Jon Cage, the House Of Virus and Marc Baignet.

Now 'Raise Your Hands' is back with us in a sparkling new tweak from DJ John Morales and his remix team, M+M. D Train's vocal is where it should be - right up front and we'd suggest that this is the most soulful edit of the song.... to date!

Your usual download portal will locate it for you!



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altListeners to the best soul stations over the last month or so will have become familiar with a lovely modern, uplifting soul groove – 'All Night' from a lady called ROSE VINCENT. The track's been all over the place ... Magic, Mi-Soul, Jazz FM... even the dear old BBC!

Research reveals that Ms Vincent has a proud music heritage.... her dad's Stevie V, the brains behind Dirty Cash's 'Money Talks' from back in the day. Out on her own Rose has worked with (amongst others) Finely Quaye, Betty Wright and Jarrod Lawson and played at the Jazz cafe and 02Indigo. Recently she teamed up with the wonderfully named Carmichael Musiclover and the pair began laying down some tracks in both London and Atlanta.

The result is a compact and perfectly formed nine track long player, named for the aforementioned 'All Night'. The release of the song just before the album launch has created lots of interest and little wonder; it's a simple, effective modern soul groove ticking all the boxes for the current scene.

The good news is that it's not the only goodie on the LP. 'Thankful' is another potential floor filler – maybe a bit more contemporary R&B than modern soul , it has bags of appeal – reminds me of Sunshine Anderson's 'Heard It All Before'. 'Changes' is a lovely intimate ballad while 'Rocket Ship' is a sweet ballad with Louis Allton ... cute in the best kind of way. 'Hold It Down' is another duet – this time the duettist is our old friend Mr Musiclover who adds a hint of drama to proceedings.

The big attraction of this album is its freshness and youthful vitality... possibly stemming from the way it was recorded. Rose says: "When I was recording the album, I adopted Carmichael's recording style which meant no pen or paper! The basis of each song is recorded in real time with no preparation, you go into the booth; start the music and freestyle any melodies or lyrics which the music makes you feel. This way you stay true to the music! and it has really worked with the response from fans, radio presenters, radio stations and journalists have truly been beyond my wildest dreams".

ROSE VINCENT'S 'All Night' will be available from September 7th

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altWe've heard lots this year from Detroit soul man PAUL RANDOLPH. Sophisticated soulsters loved his collaboration with Kathy Kosins while his own long player - 'In the Company of Others' found lots of favour amongst soul collectors with adventurous ears. Yep, it was a complex, complicated affair but one cut really hit home; it was 'Heavy' a homage to Gil Scott Heron and in its "heavy" mix (that's right) it won plenty of radio plays.

Well if you liked that one you may wish to check out a new set of 'Heavy' mixes courtesy of Ashley Beedle and Ramrock Records. There are plenty to choose from each with an eerie spaced-out vibe that brings a certain attraction. Mr Scott Heron would approve of them all!


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