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altERICK GREY is a US soul singer who's working on an upcoming album on which he's trying to fuse smooth jazz, R n B and neo-soul. Erick calls his hybrid "Rhythm and Chill". You can check if he's succeeded when he releases the album's first single at the start of November and true to the "Rhythm and Chill" tag, the new song is called 'Ice Cold'.

Erick says: "This song is a "true to life" composition of how my wife and I met, and subsequently wed. As a youth, I used an expression, "cold blooded", to describe something that was "nice", desirable, pleasing to the eyes, "cool", etc. As the expression goes, "What's cooler than cool?" "Ice Cold!" So, that was the inspiration behind the song."

You can find out more @

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altBack in April we were introduced to Philadelphia jazz trumpeter, arranger, and composer VINCE TAMPIO via his 'Sound Plan' album . The six tracker was an ambitious attempt to fuse jazz with psychedelic rock and electronic dance music and some of the more adventurous jazz stations out there played out the epic 'Slimery'.

For his newest album Vince offers something very different – you see, 'The Nook' (released on September 18th) is a straight-ahead jazz album with not an electronic instrument in sight! The band on the long player comprises Vince Tampio (trumpet), John Swana (trombone), Brian Baker (tenor sax), John B Hedges (piano), Ben Basile (upright bass) and Charlie Heim (drums). Hear them swing at their best on the cover of 'Dear Old Stockholm' on which the band use their experiences to bring in a number of other jazz classics.... count 'em if you can!

The album's title cut is a blues based workout named for a famed Philadelphia bar while the intriguing 'Two Dollar Breakfast' (this is the cut that features veteran Swana's valve trombone) owes its title to the menu at New York's Mains Street Bistro.

Vince says his aim with 'The Nook' was to try to create the feel of early Miles Davis albums... see if he's succeeded by visiting



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altDon't know too much about fusion guitarist, songwriter, and producer Christos Tambouratzis save that his track 'Loves Got Me' is getting plenty of attention across the soul airwaves and in the best dance emporia. The tune's a proper old school sound.... latino, funk, soul ...a touch of the Santana... intriguing. The vocal, by the way, comes from Bill Kalantzakos.

The putative B side is a different kettle of fish – a slow and sultry Bacharach flavoured 'The Promise' with vocals from Nassia Gofa... both worth checking!

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altThe Zutons' 'Valerie' is one of modern pop's most enduring tunes. The Liverpool band penned and recorded the song (replete with imagery of the great River Mersey) in 2006 and since then it's been covered countless times – most famously of course by Mark Ronson and dear old Amy Winehouse.

Now the song's with us again, this time courtesy of San Francisco blue eyed soul man JACK MOSBACHER who impressed us earlier this year with his 'Whynot' EP – a heartfelt tribute to one of his heroes.... the mighty David Ruffin.

Jack's new version of 'Valerie' doesn't stray too far from the Ronson/Winehouse template but young Mr M fairly lets rip, particularly towards the end. He says: "It's my favourite song to sing and perform, and I'm so proud of our Motown-style recording produced by the incomparable Michael Eisenstein."

JACK MOSBACHER; 'Valerie' ... is out on Sept 7th

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alt'Brighter Days' is the debut single from London based DJ/producer ALEX POET and it's his homage to the original 1994 house classic from Cajmere.

This new version features a fierce vocal from EDDY QUEENS who old soul heads will know from her 1990s club anthem 'Someday'.

Alex says: "I loved Cajmere's original version of Brighter Days," says Alex, "so I wanted to pay tribute to this classic track, while putting my own artistic stamp on it. It was important to me that I announce my arrival as a producer with a track that has given me so much enjoyment over the years. I have fond memories of 'Brighter Days' from when I first started going clubbing. Hopefully this new version will provide many other music lovers with their own 'brighter days'!"


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