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altCollectors reissue label JASMINE RECORDS currently have some strong releases that are sure to please soul and pop collectors.

First up there's 25 tracks of vintage ISLEY BROTHERS material....'Just One More Time'. The collection brings together all their A and B sides released between 1960 and 1962 and also includes the whole 'Twist And Shout' LP. The 'Twist And shout' track is clearly the focus as it's the one that was such a massive influence on the Beatles and John Lennon in particular. It's worth remembering though that the actual original version of the song was by the Top Notes. In essence, the Isleys' classic reading is a cover too! The 'Twist And Shout' LP offers all kinds of intriguing versions of the twist... 'Twistin' With Linda', 'Spanish Twist' and a version 'Let's Twist Again' which is mainly instrumental! It's the Atlantic, RCA and Wand singles that provide the real interest here as they show the three young brothers working to find a signature sound over which to float Ronnie's unique voice.

Someone who did have a unique sound and style was the iconic BO DIDDLEY. He's the focus of Jasmine's 'Say Man Back Again' – a roundup of all his Chess A and B side between 1959 and 1962. There are of course plenty of classics like 'I Can Tell', 'You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover' and 'Roadrunner' – songs that every decent 60s beat band had in their repertoires. The 28 tracker though is stuffed with all manner of treasures ... like 'Gun Slinger', 'Cheyenne' (a tribute to a TV cowboy!) and 'Bo's Vacation' – all delivered with humour, conviction and that distinct and relentless rhythm. In an age when adjectives like "icon" and "genius" are doled out to plenty of second rate wannabees, Bo Diddley shows what those epithets really stand for. Every home should have a Bo Diddley collection this one's an excellent starter!

Though he would never claim be "iconic", Texan BRUCE CHANNEL did record one song that does enjoy "iconic status" – the 1962 smash 'Hey Baby'. That tune forms the focus to Jasmine's 1959-1962 round up of the singer's work... mainly country pop. The album is, of course, named for 'Hey Baby'... and back to those fab Beatles; the quartet featured the song in their latter Cavern shows while John Lennon always said that 'Love Me Do' was written as a pastiche of 'Hey Baby'... so, yes, "iconic"!


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alt'Glitter Ain't Gold' is the latest single from US singer Ephraim. He says the song "capture's real life emotion that that I've experienced with a crush that drowned in material desires".

Sonically, it's an acoustic, contemporary R&B affair that does capture the emotion of a failed affair/relationship. It's good to download from October 19th.

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alt'Humans' is the new album from the LONDON AFROBEAT COLLECTIVE – a 9 piece collective that cite their chief influence as Fela Kuti. Like Kuti, they strive to deliver powerful messages in their music as is admirably illustrated with the set's lead single... the self-explanatory 'Power to The Women'- a frantic tune that throws everything into the mix... Kuti, of course but also Funkadelic and even Frank Zappa!

LONDON AFROBEAT COLLECTIVE; Humans is released October 25th.

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altItalian label IRMA RECORDS has recently issued a trio of interesting albums and mini collections – recommended for funk soul and jazz fans with adventurous ears.

First up is a five tracker from the intriguingly named LEHMANNS BROTHERS. The set is called 'Another Place' and they describe it as "a journey through several styles that have influenced our sound". They add that their influences are the likes of James Brown, Jamiroquai, The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest; that should set things in context. The frantic title track is worth checking while 'I Wanna Be' cranks up the bass heavy, brassy funk quotient.

There's a different flavour to the second Irma release – a soulful house single from D-LIKE – a duo ....(D'andy (Andy De Luca) and Bodyles (Mario De Luca), The cousins began performing in the mid-90s on the streets of Naples, and broke through in 2009 nationally with the EP "Cool Vibes". Their latest single pairs 'Déjà Vu' (a cover of Beyonce's 'Déjà Vu') with 'I'm Yours'. Vocals on both come from a big voiced lady by the name of Faith and if the European take on soulful house is your thing you probably want to investigate.

Irma's third newie is perhaps the most intriguing. It comes from a collective known as FLOW BOP.... Vocals- Julia St Louis. Licia Russo, Maryan Sidney, Jagga Guy; Saxes - Germano Zenga, Niccolo Francesco Ricci: Trumpets - Mauro Brunini, Francesco Manzoni; Drums & Percussions - Gianni Lo Greco: Piano, and Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Flute, Sampling & Programming:-Enzo Lo Greco. They currently have a massive three album collection on offer which are all labelled as "emotional sessions". They say their music is a cocktail of downbeat grooves, hip hop and jazz with a dash of neo soul and R&B. To set things in context again the team worked with Mario Biondi on his 'This Is What You Are' project.

Like we said if your ears are adventurous, you may want to investigate.


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altUS singer Jane Hancock has been in the business since she was three! Yes, she started in the church as a chid singer, then went on to attend the famed Oakland School for the Arts. After graduating, Ms H relocated to Atlanta where she worked with (amongst others) Adrian Marcel, Kelly Rowland, Keke Palmer, Rick Ross, Tank, Dr. Dre, Ma$e and Warren G.

Right now, she’s forging her own career and has just released the single, ‘90’S Love’. It’s a sweet little thing – proper old school and one of those tunes that you can’t really say why it attracts you... it just does. Little wonder it’s winning plenty of soul station plays and it’s out now.

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