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altUK musicologists regularly debate what the UK's "second music city" is. There's unanimity on the first – Liverpool by a country mile! But what's second? London.... Sheffield.... Glasgow? Well, this new, intriguing 2 CD, 45 tracker from Ace Records make a convincing argument for Manchester.

'MANCHESTER – A CITY UNITED BY MUSIC' begins with Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger's classic paean to industrial decline, 'Dirty Old Town' and ends with the swagger of Oasis' 'Rock And Roll Star'. In between there's all kinds of everything – bubbling 60s beat, whimsical prog rock, pop-classics, a touch of punk, a flash of comedy, melancholic new romance and lashings of that famous "Madchester" sound.

From our perspective there's not a lot (obviously) but Leigh's Georgie Fame gets a track ('In The Meantime'), Elkie Brooks (a mid 60s soul wannabbe) offers a sultry version of 'Nothing Left To Do But Cry', UK mod comes courtesy of Wynder K Frog's take on 'I'm a Man', John Mayall flies the blues flag with 'Crawling Up A Hill', harmony group Sweet Sensation deliver 'Mr Cool', Lisa Stansfield and Blue Zone are represented by 'Thinking About His Baby' and Simply Red channel their blue—eyed soul with 'Come To My Aid'.

Sequenced chronologically, truly there's lots more to enjoy here and yes, I'd say, the collection proves that Manchester has made major contributions to the UK music scene. Purists might point to what's missing (no Morrissey, thankfully, but Johnny Marr) but celebrate and enjoy what's here.... fab and varied sounds from the UK's "second music city" ... definitely.

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altYou may remember back in February we recommend to you an 8 track EP from the TERRI GREEN PROJECT. We loved 'Giving It Up' but the focus track was the Chic-flavoured 'Night To Remember' (no, not the Shalamar song!). Right now the German-based band (Terri hails from Washington DC, by the way) are wowing audiences throughout Europe and preparing a new album.

In the meantime, 'Night To Remember' is just out again in 9 (!) new mixes. In truth, they're aimed firmly at the dance fraternity – some are harder and tougher than others, but soul heads might want to try the Earth Days mix or the edgy, electro flavours of the Burwall mix. Out now!



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altOne of the best Brit soul albums of 2018 was 'Get High' from East Anglia's DOGGETT BROTHERS; and one of the LP's best tracks was the classic dance groove, 'In The Flow'. Well the brothers – Greg and Carl – clearly like the tune 'cos they've just commissioned a brand new mix from Japanese mix meister Yuki 'T-Groove' Takahashi... and he's come up trumps with a belting, classic modern soul groove.

Where the original was edgy, a tad electro, the new tweak is tighter with a subtle change of emphasis that adds a seductive air to proceedings. T Groove wisely keeps the lovely Coco Malone vocal centre stage and a little embellishment here and there from Greg and Carl conspire to make this a future dance floor filler.

The Doggett Brothers; In the Flow Feat. Coco Malone (T-Groove Remix) will be available to download on all platforms on 05th April 2019. Label is Ashwood/P Vine.

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alt'Hands Up for Canton Mississippi' is the latest and much (rightly) hyped release from soul and gospel singer CECI MUNETTE. Ms Munette, we're told, hails from San Diego and has worked with gospel choirs the world over.

In 2018 whilst studying for a Masters in Music Performance at the University of West London, she met British Soul Standard label boss and Soulnaturals writer/producer Tony Cannam. Their mutual love of soul and gospel meant they hit it off straight away and so they began working on an album – due later this year.

'Hands Up for Canton Mississippi' is the set's lead single and it's a driving soul/gospel workout inspired by the Civil Rights movement backing of US fast food workers to receive a living wage. For sure, it's real, old school soul and in Ms Munette, Soul Standard have found a powerful, new soul diva. The release also features an energized soulful Nu-Disco remix from Tony Cannam's Soulnaturals alter ego.

'Hands Up For Canton Mississippi' will be released on 12th Apr 2019 on British Soul Standard

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altODED NIR is a bass player, producer, remixer and electronic live artist from Amsterdam. He also runs Suntree Records and that (obviously) is the label for his upcoming long player –'Rooftop Conversations'. To whet our appetites, Mr N has just released the title cut –a mellow, jazzy, dance groove that features the oh so cool trumpet of Ms Saskia Laroo (dubbed as the 'Lady Miles Davis').

It's not your average soulful house track – more your typical jazzy house track but it's intriguing and beguiling, Oded says: "'Rooftop Conversations' is a creative discussion between artists and their instruments. It's a track that will stimulate your alpha waves to create a relaxed and laid back state of mind."... there you go – see if you agree by investigating when the cut wins release on March 22nd.

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