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altJust 12 months ago the soul world was quite taken by a lovely modern soul album from TY CAUSEY.... 'Tyangles'. He was hailed as a great new prospect, but those in the know knew that Mr C had plenty of previous form.

He'd actually started back in the 90s, singing with Najee before winning plenty of friends with his own ''N-tysing' album in 2004.

Right now he's putting the final gloss on another album – 'Mr Mellow', from which the first single is starting to takeoff. And easy to hear why 'Shake and Dance' is winning plenty of plays. It's a solid, modern soul beater with great melody and convincing vocal from the man dubbed "Mr. Consistent"... quite contagious. One US soul site described Ty Causey's music in general and 'Shake And Dance' in particular as "feel good music"..... bob on!



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altLast time we heard from Detroit-based indie soul musician, PAUL RANDOLPH he was collaborating with the lovely Kathy Kosins. Before that he enjoyed success with his own long player, 'In the Company of Others' –a complex album that had input from people like Vernon Hill and Zed Bias.

One of the set's best cuts was 'Heavy' – a homage to Gil Scott Heron; the song has just been issued as a single in a tasty, and yes "heavy" mix and we're told that there are several more exciting mixes of 'Heavy' on the way via Ashley Beedle and Ramrock Records.



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altMishell Ivon is a German singer/songwriter who works in and around Munich. After studying music at the renowned Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (Paul McCartney's LIPA) she eventually teamed up with Bast Braun to form the duo NOVI.

"Novi", of course, is Ivon spelled backwards. Mishell says that sums up her music journey – "travelling backwards, but in a positive way"!

With musical influences that number Stevie Wonder, Prince and Michael Jackson, Novi are currently busy promoting their latest single – 'Concrete Jungle' – a steady mix of soul, pop and Euro flavours with a big vocal from Mishell.

You can find out more @

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altIf you fancy something a little different to your avenge dance sounds to ease you through the rest of this fab summer you may want to check out a new EP from Norwegian duo DE FANTASTISKE TO.

The pair are self proclaimed analogue junkies but their analogue is not the analogue of the real "old days". Rather, their sound is rooted in the use of retro synths channelling a classic 90's house fusion.

Make up your own minds after grabbing a listen to their 'Saharaball EP' – four hard-hitting electro cuts with the Yan Who mix being the only one that really hits the spot here at SJF.... kind of 80s electro disco with an intermittent, ethereal vocal. File under "interesting".

De Fantastiske To: 'Saharaball EP' (incl. Yam Who? and Alinka Remixes) out now on Black Riot Records

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altDetroit's KATHY KOSINS pleased the soul and jazz fraternity with her early 2018 long player 'Uncovered Soul' ... proper grown up music. Live shows and some choice singles and remixes have kept Kathy's stock nice and high. Amongst those re-mixes was Brian "Mr SoulHouse" Power's re-imagining of Kathy's Bill Withers' cover 'Can We Pretend'.

Now Mr Power has been let loose on another track from 'Uncovered Soul' – 'Don't Get Me Started' and as he did with 'Can We Pretend', Bri comes at the track from a totally new perspective. Where the original of 'Started' was a sinuous, soul meander with a jazzy undertow, the new Power mix channels a Norman Whitfield feel. .. not quite 'Papa Was A Rolling Stone', but that's the general direction.... heavy bass, funerary drums and lashings of funky wah wah guitar. Wisely he keeps the vocal right on top. Interesting.

We're told that there are more interesting and intriguing things on the way from Ms K, including (maybe) a duet with Will Downing, In the meantime you might want to check the mix of 'Don't Get Me Started'. It's released on SoulHouse: July 26th on Traxsource; August 9th mainstream.


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