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altMARC STAGGERS' 'Lets Go Out Night' LP was a winner right across the board... not come across anyone who wasn't impressed by everything about it... the consummate modern soul album!!!

Marc has just released the next single from the collection – the ultra tasty 'All I Need And Want Is You'. The duet with Nia Simmons was always an album highlight and it's still sounding good ... and as good is the new mix of it that comes courtesy of Mr Reliable... Nigel Lowis. A little more up-tempo, Nigel creates a hugely danceable bed over which Marc's Vandross styled vocal stays way up front – in perfect harmony with Ms Simmons.

More good news? Marc will be arriving in the UK very soon to join in the DSG Thames Summer Soul Cruise... he'll be singing live as the soul crew make their way joyously down old Father Thames on Sunday, July 21st between 1.45 pm - 6 pm. Ship ahoy!!!

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altTYRA LEVONE is a gospel-reared soulstress from Washington DC, and her 'Testimony. A Soul Set Free' album from last year impressed everyone who really understands what proper modern soul is all about. The searing ballad 'This Is My Time' showed the influence on Tyra of her heroines – Aretha, Gladys Knight and Anita Baker.

Ms L has just issued a new single ... a luscious modern soul groove 'Keep Stepping'. Yes, it's perfect for the steppers crew but it's much more than just a big dance item. For starters, it's big on optimism and though not specifically a gospel tune it will uplift with its feel and its message – "This is my call...This is my space... You can't stop me – Keep Stepping". But it's Tyra's full-on soulful vocal that really carries the day – hugely recommended!


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altJust in time for Father's Day, ZED SOUL (the working name of songwriter/producer Amar Naik) has just reissued the single 'Papa, You Are My Hero'. The track which features UK singer Noel McKoy and US sax star Najee first appeared on Expansion's '2016 Luxury Soul' collection.

Amar says:"This is a glorious celebration of love to one's father... I hope it will be played for years to come." It's out this Friday on Expansion.

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altBack in 2006 the PHILIPPE SAISSE TRIO issued their acclaimed 'The Body And Soul Sessions' album – a collection of 12 classy smooth jazz covers of pop and soul hits like Steely Dan's 'Do It Again' and EWF's 'September'. The tunes allowed keyboardist Saisse, drummer Scooter Warren and bassist David Finck to really stretch out – a sort of Ramsey Lewis Trio for the 21st century.

Since 2006 Saisse has worked on various projects including a collaboration with Nile Rodgers and it was whilst enjoying "good times" with the Chic crew that Monsieur Saisse decided to revisit 'The Body And Soul Sessions' and have it completely remastered by master engineer Colin Leonard and come June 21 the fruits of their labour will be available for all to enjoy on CD, in digital and on vinyl!

Philippe explains that for the remastering (with the time limitations imposed by vinyl LPs) each track was reduced in length while one tune ('The Dolphin') was omitted from the vinyl version. He says; "the limitations of the technology actually made the album a better more concise album".

THE PHILIPPE SAISSE TRIO; ' The Body And Soul Sessions' (remastered) is out June 21 on Bandar-Log Music

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altVeteran soul DJ and music entrepreneur RICHARD SEARLING ha been honoured in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. The 66 year old is to receive the British Empire Medal for "services to the soul music industry and community in the north of England. "

Richard is one of the highest profile DJs on both the Northern and modern soul scenes. Indeed he was one of the first spinners at the famed Wigan Casino and for a time ran a soul shop in the town. Since then he's hosted thousands of soul nights – most notably his famous Blackburn "dos" and the Blackpool Luxury Weekenders which he organised with his partner in Expansion Records, Ralph Tee.

Richard is also a respected soul broadcaster and has fronted soul shows on numerous stations. At the moment you can hear him on BBC local radio in the North West and Solar while he's also complied and annotated dozens of soul releases for labels big and small. For some time he combined his soul work with a career at Morrison's Supermarkets while last year he published his memoirs of the soul scene in 'Setting The Record Straight'.

Richard says: "I'm delighted and honoured. It's a reflection of my life in music and something tangible and very prestigious. It's important to me that this raises the profile of the music, which has lasted the test of time and is something people identify with. We've kept flying the flag and playing the music and I think the community benefits from all the work that goes into that. Northern Soul is something the north of England can be proud of and our area is the best-known of all."

Congratulations Richard Searling... not bad for a Spurs fan!!!

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