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altDespite its age and perceived esotericism, the MILES DAVIS/ RANDY HALL cut 'I Love What We Make Together ' is shaping up to be one 2019's big, big soul tunes.

The track, of course. comes from the iconic trumpeter's "lost" album, 'Rubberband' which recently was re-issued or released for the first time, depending on what press release you read. That, of course, again, is a load of bollocks... what counts is what's in the groove (or the laser track, or the ether!) and what's there is an ab fab soul groove – originally intended to be vocalised by Al Jarreau.... but, you know, Randy Hall does a wonderfully convincing job – more manful than anything Jarreau could offer... methinks!

Grab the album... grab this tune... out now!

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altIt was in the height of Summer that CORNELL CARTER announced that there was new album on the way... to be named 'ABSOULUTE'. The announcement came via the first single – a lovely, smooth and gentle sophisticated modern soul dancer 'I See Love'.

While we wait for the album (due later this month and featuring covers of Curtis' 'We're A Winner' and Marvin's 'Come Live With Me Angel') CC now serves up a wonderful remix of 'I See Love' courtesy of the Metlife team ( Michael Gray/Jon Pearn). The new tweak is a tad faster – very danceable, full of clever flourishes and riffs and every bit as tasty as the original mix....

Full review of the album here very soon and don't forget you can catch Mr C live at London's The Hideaway Club on Friday October 4th .

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altTo call MARTHA WASH a soul veteran is an understatement! Now well into her 70s, she began way back in the 60s as a member of the Four Jewels. her introduction to that group came via a certain Bo Diddley. Then one night as Washington's fame Howard Theatre, Martha so impressed another industry icon – James Brown - that she was spirited away to work with his revue – a gig that was last for just 32 years!

In her years with the Godfather she became his confidante – even taking responsibility for his coiffure! However, despite their closeness, in the 90s Ms Wash decided to pursue a solo career (much of it based in Europe) and soul fans will have fond memories of albums like 'Singing For The Good Times.'

Right now there's a new LP on the way... Nothing's Going Wrong' (released next year) but the first single will be available from November The tune is an old school soul work out - 'A Little Spark' which Martha describes as "an uplifting song aimed at encouraging people to stick together in a climate of fear". It's certainly a good 'un and betrays the singer's massive soul experience.

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altTalk about prolific! SIR VAN MORRISON is gearing up to release his sixth album in just four years! The 14 tracker is the enigmatically named 'Three Chords And The Truth' – one of the album song's titles. As enigmatic, Sir Van describes this latest recording experience thus: "You're just plugging into the feeling of it, more the feeling of it... when they're playing... It's like reading me. So, I think there's more of that connection.".... so that's all, clear then.

All the set's songs are original Morrison compositions with one, 'If We Wait For Mountains' co-written with Don Black. High spot might well be the duet with Bill Medley, 'Fame Will Eat the Soul', while the first single, 'Dark Night of The Soul' has just been issued.

'Three Chords And The Truth' out October 25th on Caroline Records

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altWe've just learned that soul journeyman BRUCE DUNBAR died on Sunday 6th September in Texas. Never a "big" name, his first foray into the music biz was in the 60s when he joined vocal group, the Deltones who morphed into the Coalitions,

In 1978 Bruce pitched up in the UK and worked for a time with Delegation. Back in the USA he released the single, 'Just One More Day In Galveston' for the Silent Thunder Records imprint in 1986.

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