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One of UK soul's most gratifying stories of the past 12 months has been the success of SOUL UNSIGNED. The concept - it's much more than just label - was set up by PHIL DRIVER in late 2007 to provide free support to unsigned and independent soul artists through a website, radio show and then a record label. That weekly radio show now airs on numerous FM stations around Europe, including Kiss FM in Sweden, Exite FM in Spain, and QFM in Tenerife. The SOUL UNSIGNED compilation CDs regularly feature in soul music charts around the world, and they get consistently good reviews on all the main review websites, magazines and soul music forums. thought the time was right to track PHIL down to his Cambridgeshire lair to try to discover the secret of his success. But first, naturally, we wanted to know where his soul crusade began….



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Mexican/American saxophonist/singer, JESSY J is one of the hottest new artists on the US jazz circuit. Her debut album 'Tequila Moon' topped the jazz charts and her new set - 'True Love', looks set to repeat the feat. JESSY was recently in the UK to play a series of headlining dates so's ultra-smooth, Smooth Jazz commentator BILL BUCKLEY caught up with her to enjoy the music and to find out just why she became 2008's Jazz Breakout Star… but first we wanted to know how she got involved in music in the first place….

I started with music when I was just 4… learning simple things on the piano - then when I was 9 my sister and I joined the elementary school band. I wanted to play the flute, but too many kids were already playing it, so the band director asked me to learn the saxophone. I really enjoyed playing the alto and naturally I started to listen to jazz. Then when I was 15 I heard this record by Cannonball Adderley with Sergio Mendes and Brazil '66. I really fell in love with that sax sound, the feel of the samba, those Latin rhythms and all that great percussion. I then went off to study at the University of South California where I majored in jazz studies and all through college I performed professionally; then after graduating I went on a world tour with a show called 'Blast'. After that I worked in the road bands of people like Jessica Simpson, Michael Bublé, Michael Bolton and even the Temptations! Jazz was always my first love though and I eventually met up with Paul Brown and we worked on my first album - 'Tequila Moon'- which went to number 1 on the jazz charts and of course, this year we released 'True Love' and right now the track 'Tropical Rain' has gone to the top of the jazz singles chart.



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Three years on from 'Givin' It Up,' his Grammy-nominated collaboration with fellow soul/jazz veteran, Al Jarreau, the legendary GEORGE BENSON is back with a superlative new long player called 'Songs & Stories.' The 66-year-old Pittsburgh native recently chewed the fat with www.soulandjazzandfunk's Charles Waring and talked about his new CD as well as discussing key events in a career that began way back in the early 1950s.

What, in your opinion, makes for a good song?

Well, one that when people hear it, they place themselves in the situation that the song is talking about. In the case of 'Family Reunion' on my new album - written by Rod Temperton - that song is talking about a situation that many people face in their life: somewhere along the way there's a little trouble in their early stages and they need to be repaired, you know, but the most important thing is trying to keep that family together if possible.



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Resting on her laurels? Not likely. BEVERLEY KNIGHT readily confesses to being ambitious and liking a challenge so it comes as no surprise, perhaps, that even though she's collected an MBE from the Queen and has been the recipient of three MOBO awards, the 36-year-old Wolverhampton-born soul singer is not taking her foot off the gas pedal. After spending eight productive years at EMI's Parlophone imprint - where she racked up a slew of UK chart hits - Knight has elected to go it alone and recently set up her own record company, Hurricane. Her label's maiden release is '100%,' the Black Country chanteuse's first album since 2005's acclaimed long player 'Music City Soul.' Beverley took time out from her busy schedule to talk to www.soulandjazzandfunk's Charles Waring about the latest - and arguably most exciting - phase of her career.

What's the story behind your new album, '100%'?

It's a much more contemporary album than 'Music City Soul' was. This is quite up-to-date. I wanted something that was completely fresh to me - great songs and everything but with a really up-to-date production behind it. We've achieved that and I'm really, really pleased with it.

You had a long association with Parlophone and now you've started your own label, Hurricane. What was the reason for that?

Basically, I feel as though the old model of record labels and what they are and what they are doing is changing day by day. The whole old school way of making records has been revolutionised by the digital age and it's not necessary for someone in my position at my time of life and with the career that I've got at the moment to have a major label that generates a lot of money but takes a lot of it too. I wanted to be in control of my own creative and, obviously, financial destiny. The deal that I was in with EMI had come to the end anyway…it was just a matter of shall I stay or shall I go? And I was like 'okay, goodbye!'



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Legendary jazz keyboard sorcerer, CHICK COREA, has just started the first leg of a lengthy world tour alongside former Return To Forever band mates, STANLEY CLARKE and LENNY WHITE.

The tour kicks off on September 2nd at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, where the trio will be joined by special guests Chaka Khan, former RTF guitarist Bill Connors and violinist JEAN-LUC PONTY.

The tour moves to Europe in October, with a date scheduled at London's Barbican Hall on November 15th. What follows is a fascinating interview with Chick recently conducted by our US correspondent, John Wisniewski.


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