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altSoul instrumentalist CHRIS KINGDON has enjoyed one of early 2017's big soul hits with his haunting jazz-funk tune, 'Cuba'. Various mixes have kept the tune fresh and vital and, believing in striking while the proverbial iron is red hot, Mr K is getting set to release a brand new single.... 'Travelling Light (Homeward Bound)'

Wisely, 'Travelling Light (Homeward Bound)' offers a very different flavour to 'Cuba'. It's lighter and gentler and the veteran soul crowd will hear the influence of the Blackbyrds in one of their less funky moments. Listen hard and you may not quite "walk in rhythm" but you definitely will "travel light"!


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altOver the past 18 months or so, MISTER COTTON has won loads of friends with his floor friendly singles. Stuff like 'Get On The Dance Floor', 'Turn This Party Out' (based on Keni Burke's 'Risin To The Top') and 'Whip It Real Good' saw plenty of action and ,sure, Mr C himself would be the first to admit that his music isn't the most cerebral, but it's not meant to be!

Mister Cotton sees his music as fuel for the feet and now, fresh from his work with Ed The Red on 'Summer Is The Coldest Season', he's all set to unleash another dance epic. This time around his message is simple.... 'Dance, Move Something'. It's big and brash and built around 'Pump Up The Jam'. Guest vocalist, by the way, is the lovely Shanice.

The usual diligent internet search will bring you to it!

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