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altThe SOUL TALK trio - Toby Baker, Ernie McKone and vocalist Gary B Poole - have been around for quite some time. We have fond memories of their lovely eponymous 2011 Expansion LP and since then other cuts have cut real mustard in the soul firmament. The three Londoners have worked on all kinds of other projects, of course. Most notable maybe are the Boogie Back productions alongside various high profile collaborations.

The good news is that the Soul Talk trio are set to release a lovely new single on July 2nd. The putative A side is a gorgeous, sophisticated soul groove, 'Say What's On Your Mind'. Gary's never sounded so soulful and the Baker/McKone instrumentation and production is top class... a lovely tune.

The "other" side is a proper Weekender anthem! 'Step Into The Light' throws in every modern soul dance idiom and what comes out should keep dancers happy right through the summer.

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altYoung TILLY GRACE made quite an impact with her classic disco groove 'The Soul Man Theme' – a feature track on the best selling 'DSG Volume 2' compilation.

Dance floor demand for the tune has led the label to get their mix master – the ever reliable Nigel Lowis - to give it a subtle tweak and a lengthy extension fit for a full 12"!

Nigel loses the spoken intro and launches right into the groove and he keeps the pressure up and running over a full six minutes plus!



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altThe IMAM COLLECTIVE have just released the single 'Baltimore' as a taster for their upcoming EP. The band leader is Pakistan born guitarist Imam Hamdani and his team are - Drums, Darren Poindexter; Bass, Chris Sartori; Keys, Derek Dupuis; Trumpet, Alex Lee Clark and Bamboo Flute, Jay Gandhi . Between them, on 'Baltimore', they cook up a tight jazz funk feast with each player getting to stretch out over the tune's almost six minutes.

'Baltimore' like the rest of the EP was recorded at Boston's Iron Wax studios with Alan Evans (Soulive) at the controls. A diligent web search will allow you to discover more.

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Protest Songs - Keb' Mo' On Immigration, Donald Trump, and Glastonbury

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        altThough he comes across as a softly-spoken man who laughs a lot, is self-effacing,  and knows the value of humility,  there's a core of inner steel that gives folk-blues troubadour Keb' Mo' a toughness that seems at odds with the gentle demeanour he projects. He's a strong believer in fighting for just causes and during a career that began in 1994 and which to date has yielded seventeen albums,  Mo' has tackled many different and difficult social, political and  environmental issues. Though he's been described as a protest singer, the 67-year-old Californian - who now lives in Nashville - doesn't express himself using cheap or catchy slogans; nor does he adopt a blinkered, dogmatic approach to his subject matter - rather, he convinces us his cause's worthiness by dint of his common-sense-reasoning combined with simple eloquence and the gentle art of persuasion.   

On his latest album, 'Oklahoma,' the quadruple-Grammy-winning singer/songwriter focuses upon two hot topics that are igniting debate all over the world - immigration and plastic pollution. But there are also heartfelt love songs ('Beautiful Music') as well as perspectives on feminism (the anthemic 'Put A Woman In Charge') and songs about persevering to overcome and heal personal troubles ('The Way I'). There are guest spots for the blues elder statesman Taj Mahal, who appears on two cuts, as well as a telling cameo from lap steel guitar virtuoso, Robert Randolph. They're joined by Mo's wife, Robbie Brooks Moore, country music doyenne Rosanne Cash, and award-winning Latin gospel singer Jaci Velasquez.

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altJust weeks after the death of Dr John, New Orleans is mourning the passing of another major musical icon. Producer, arranger, composer, trumpet player and bandleader DAVE BARTHOLOMEW died on Sunday 23 June in New Orleans at the magnificent age of 100. One of the leading creators of the New Orleans sound and best remembered for his work with Fats Domino, Dave's death was announced by his son Ron.

Dave Bartholomew was born on December. 24, 1918, in Edgard, Louisiana. His father played trumpet and Dave learned to play the tuba before moving on to trumpet earning the nickname Leather Lungs for his ability to hold a note. He played in various local bands and after serving in World War II he formed his own group, which appeared in New Orleans night spots like the famous Dew Drop Inn where he met record biz hustler Lew Chudd, who signed him to his label, Imperial. Working as a sort of talent scout, Bartholomew saw and signed Fats Domino to the label and the pair went onto enjoy a string of successes. The collaboration yielded 65 Billboard single hits between 1955 and 1964 – only Elvis Presley enjoyed more success!

He worked with other artists too – people like Lloyd Price, Smiley Lewis, T Bone Walker and Chuck Berry whilst major stars (including, Elvis, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles) have covered his songs. His work was also hugely popular across the Caribbean and is often cited as being a seminal influence on the evolution of ska and reggae.

Dave was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1998, and was also a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. He was given a Trustees Award for lifetime achievement by the Recording Academy in 2014.

Dave Bartholomew is survived by his wife, Rhea (Douse) Bartholomew; his daughters, Diane Wilson and Jacqueline Temple; his sons, Dave Jr., Don and Ron; three stepchildren, Alvin LaBeaud, Darrell LaBeaud and Deborah Hubbard; a sister, Thelma Cooper; and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Our picture (above) shows Dave at work with Fats Domino.

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