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altEDITH PETERS, who died in 2000, was an American singer and actress. Born in Santa Monica, California, she sang solo, in a duo with sister Joyce and with all her sisters in the Peters Sisters. Edith and her siblings enjoyed limited success and in 1958 she married her Italian agent Silvio Catalano, and moved to Italy where she appeared in movies, commercials and TV dramas.

In Italy, in 1973 she cut some sides with producer Sante Palumbo and a single 'Lord Please Hear My Prayer'/ 'This Is the Moment' was released on Cipiti Records. It meant little; but over time the rolling, gospel-infused, sparse, funk workout that was 'This Is The Moment' became highly collectable.

Now, some forty years on, 'This Is The Moment' has won reissue as a 7" single on Italy's Schema Records. The new reissue features the original 1973 recording alongside a reworking from celebrated Italian muso Gerardo Frisina (remember his re-tooling of Gregory Porter's '1960 What'?)

Edith Peters – 'This Is The Moment' will be available from 27 January 2017



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altBRIAN OWENS is a soul singer who grew up in Ferguson, Missouri. He began his music career singing in the services when he fronted an Air Force band, the Sidewinders. YOUTUBE and TV success followed and now fronting his own band, THE DEACONS OF SOUL, he's preparing to launch his debut long player, 'The Soul of Ferguson'.

The set's lead single is a busy, bustling 70's flavoured 'For You'. Written and produced by Owens, the mini, everything happening epic is winning attention for all kinds of reasons. First off it's a big, big production. Then there's a whiff of retro about it... some have made comparisons to Marvin Gaye (hardly surprising; Owens has spent some time working in Gaye tributes). What is securing air play and media attention, though, seems to be the presence of a certain Michael McDonald on the track. The five time Grammy winner shares the lead vocal with Owens who says: "Michael took the song to a whole other level. For me, it's not just a song anymore. It's what our friendship represents. It's about what's possible. It's about what's needed, not only racially but inter-generationally. I couldn't survive without people in my life in my life like Michael, who are further along than I am and who are willing to invest their success in me. That's the highest compliment you can be paid."

For his part, McDonald, who also hails from Ferguson, Missouri. says: "I find great inspiration in getting to collaborate with amazing young talent. This young man is from my hometown of Ferguson Mo. Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks he's world class. His collaborations are becoming many and it's just the beginning".


There's No One Like Him - UK soul star OMAR talks to SJF

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"I hated my first single, 'Mr Postman,' so much that I didn't want to hear it again." So says UK soul grandee, OMAR LYE-FOOK, MBE, who accompanies this statement with a gravelly chuckle. "This was 1984 and after two weeks of hearing it, I couldn't stand it," he explains. "So from that point, any music that I made, I had to like because you've got to play it for the rest of your life."

Six years later, and, Omar, now 22, came up with a song that he could listen to repeatedly. It was called 'There's Nothing Like This.' "When I wrote that song, I made a demo of it and put it on a 90-minute cassette," he says. "There was 45 minutes on one side of just that song and it played and played and played. Nobody got bored of it so that was a sign that it was going to be quite a big hit."

Indeed, it was, and for many soul fans of a certain age, it was the song that represented their first acquaintance with OMAR's music. It was back in the summer of 1991 when Acid Jazz was the hip and exciting new currency in the world of British R&B and bands like the Brand New Heavies, Incognito, and the Young Disciples were setting the pace. OMAR, then 23 - a multi-instrumentalist and former percussionist for the Kent Youth Orchestra - was a label mate of the latter two groups (on Gilles Peterson's influential Talkin' Loud imprint) and broke into the UK charts with 'There's Nothing Like This.' With its summery vibe, feel-good groove and addictive chorus, for many people that particular song came to encapsulate a special moment in time and was adopted as an anthem.

'There's Nothing Like This' remains one of the highpoints in OMAR's canon even though it was recorded almost thirty years ago. Though its success has eclipsed almost everything else he has done in commercial terms, he doesn't view it as a heavy and uncomfortable  albatross around his neck.  "No, I'm very happy with it," he tells SJF. "If that's the only song of mine that people know then at least they can start with that one and then get to learn the rest," he laughs. He then reveals that some people, when they recognise him, often approach him singing the 'There's Nothing Like This's' chorus line. "For the most part it's fine," he says, "but when you're trying to meet someone or get a private moment, and people come up to you singing it, you think 'not right this second!'"

But 48-year-old OMAR - who was awarded an MBE in 2012 for his services to music - isn't content to rest on his laurels and live in the past. Though not a prolific recording artist, there's been a fairly steady stream of music during the last 25 years and now he's now about to release his eighth album, 'Love In Beats,' which follows in the wake of 2013's critically-acclaimed 'The Man.' The new LP - which features noteworthy cameos from keyboardist-of-the-moment, Robert Glasper, soul veteran, Leon Ware, spoken-word specialist the Floacist (aka Natalie Stewart) and singer Natasha Watts, to name a few - is an eclectic collision of soul, funk, jazz and Caribbean flavours that has been masterfully marinated by its genius creator together with his producer brother, Scratch Professor.

In an interview with SJF's Charles Waring, OMAR talks about his new record as well as other fascinating facets of his career, including his aspirations in the world of acting....


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altTrumpeter PHILIP LASSITER isn't a household name in soul, jazz and funk circles but we're guessing that the discerning amongst you will have heard his work. LA based Mr L was Prince's brass section leader and has arranged for people like Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton and Al Jarreau. More recently he's worked with Snarky Puppy and importantly he's worked on seven Grammy winning projects with Fred Hammond and Kirk Franklin.

Right now Phil's all set to release his own solo album... 'Chill Mode', which features input from Cory Henry, James Poyser and Mono Neon. A preview of the title cut reveals a smooth approach – kind of half way between Rick Braun and Tom Browne though we're told that the long payer also offers some tougher funk!

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altWe first got to know about Danish/Kenyan soul man SEEST when the Sed Soul/Cool Million people introduced us to him via his contribution to Ryle's 'The Adventures Of Jefferson Keys' long player. His 'Never Gonna Let You Go' became (rightly) an instant modern room classic.

Eagle-eyed (and eared) collectors will know he also had a track on Expansion's 2016 'Soul Togetherness' compilation. Said song was 'All In The Name Of Love' another quality slab of retro flavoured modern soul with a properly growling bass line underpinning everything! Little wonder it topped the UK soul charts!

Well the tune's now officially available as a Sed Soul single and along with the original mix you can also investigate a Rob Hardt Rework that's top quality too. It's a bit more stuttery than the original version but it will still take you right back to those great 80s Weekender gigs!

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