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aaronparnellbrownWithout doubt one of the truest "SOUL" albums of 2015 so far has been 'The Tin Man' from AARON PARNELL BROWN. The complex but concise nine tracker has won the hearts of underground soul lovers since UK soul scribe Toby Walker (see discovered the self-released album earlier in the year. With regular plays on Jazz FM, the lead track 'Just Leave' has drawn comparison with Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway and because of the buzz on Aaron, Ralph Tee (who knows a thing or two about proper soul) has stepped in and signed the album for exclusive release on his Expansion Records so that everyone can now have the opportunity to enjoy the subtle soul gem. With the release scheduled from July 24th, what better time to learn a bit more about Mr. Brown.... so here we go, an exclusive interview with soul's newest star and, as ever, we start with some background....

I grew up for my first eleven years or so in Philadelphia where much of my family is from. While in elementary school I started playing music on the flute. After moving to South Carolina in middle school I transferred to the trumpet which I really loved. I really fell in love with jazz and soul music when I started playing the trumpet. My Dad was a big soul and jazz lover and he introduced me to jazz greats such as Clifford Brown (from nearby Wilmington, DE), John Coltrane (who lived in Philly for awhile), and, of course, Miles Davis. He also introduced me to all the soul music he loved from the 70's such as the great Philly acts - The Stylistics, The Delfonics, Teddy Pendergrass, and Blue Magic – as well as other great soul acts such as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, New Birth, and Enchantment. In high school I had a bad basketball accident where I got hit in the mouth and wasn't able to play the trumpet well after that – which lead me to picking up the guitar and singing. I never really thought I had a great voice, but I just loved to sing because in many ways I thought it was similar to playing the trumpet with regards to finding and singing great melodic lines. I guess my ambitions growing up were to play professional basketball or baseball. I loved both sports, especially basketball, and worked tirelessly to make that happen, but unfortunately I just wasn't good enough. Growing up music, was more of just something I really enjoyed doing. I played music all the time just because it really made me feel great, not because I wanted to be a superstar or anything.

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hollyAcclaimed UK session singer HOLLY PETRIE has just launched her debut solo recording... a five track EP called 'Willow Tree'.

Holly is a graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music and since leaving with honours in 2009 she's worked with people like Rod Temperton, Trevor Horn, Ellie Goulding , Jocelyn Brown, Omar, Beverly Knight, Jess Glynne, Kenny Thomas, Alison Moyet, and even Katherine Jenkins and Andrea Boccelli!

Musically her heroines are Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, and 'Willow Tree' shows the influences of that mighty duo. The music menu on the five tracker is an intoxicating mix of laid-back soul and lazy jazz...perfect for the beckoning summer. The mini album's title track is the standout cut. The song began life as a poem but in the studio Holly and her team crafted it into a sweet slab of neo-soul.

Amongst the other cuts to enjoy there's the summer sound of 'You' and the set piece 'Unsteady Stones' with a very personal lyric

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lutherLast week the LUTHER VANDROSS Estate announced that they were about to start work on a musical about the great man. The project, we're told, is a partnership between the estate, Hidden Beach Records and super bassist Marcus Miller ... a long-time Vandross collaborator.

The show's tentative title is 'The Power of Love Experience' and the plan is for it to tour major cities in the US. We're also told that the show will be "accompanied" by a mobile Vandross museum with all manner of archive material and memorabilia.

The show is set to launch early in 2016 and Steve McKeever, Hidden Beach Experiences CEO, said the upcoming event is the first of many housed under the company's new division, "Guardians of Soul," whose mission is to preserve and celebrate the legacies of R&B, Soul and Jazz icons.

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no_limitsThe anticipation's building for the upcoming release of TRACY HAMLIN'S Expansion album. The set's been heralded by the release of the LP's title track and in its slinky "Love Mix", the song won countless friends. Now 'No Limits' has been given a further tweak. This time the controls are in the hands of a certain Tom Glide and his "Paris Dance Mix" sets the tune up as a potential summer modern soul anthem. Tom's beats are spot on the current vibe and there's a delicious whiff of retro about things. The killer blow though is the Baltimore soulstress's powerhouse vocal... she nails it!

No wonder that over the past few years Tracy's been in demand from the soulful house producers... notably DJ Spen. And speaking of housified beats, a sneak album preview reveals a potential floor filler in 'Givin' Me Something'.

'No Limits'..... The Tom Glide Paris Dance Mix is out now and the full album follows on July 17th.



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mmojiConnoisseurs of techno dance music will be familiar with the producer and mixer, KRAMNIK. Well now the Berlin-based meister has changed identity. Influenced by the German capital's unique vibe he's re-booted himself as MOOJI and just released a 3 track EP as a taster to his upcoming album, 'Double Agent'. Musically, it's an odd, eclectic mix – a fusion of blues, dub, indie, chill out and acid –jazz!

But here's the EP and album's USP.... Mr Mooji is offering to share each track with aspiring mixers and producers. Eight single tracks will be put out through 2015 and as long as you register an interest, you can have the musical stems to work with for four weeks. The best new mixes will win 1000 Euros for their creators, along with a share of the royalties when the mixes are released.

Other prizes include Sound Cloud pro accounts and publicity coverage with media partners such as Resident Advisor, Electronic Sound magazine and Trust the DJ.

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