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altFor some time now CORNELL "CC" CARTER and JAMES DAY have been winning hearts and souls in the modern soul community. CC's 2019 set 'Absolutely' was a proper soul gem enjoying massive success and one of the key cuts was 'Morning Touch' – a collaboration with the aforementioned Mr Day.

Now James and Cornell get together for a new single that's sure to fill floors right through this wet, dismal winter and through into spring. The tune is a joyous, life-affirming 'Off The Grid'. An upbeat exhortation to switch off the phones, get the kids off to the grandma's and, as dear old Luther says, "Stop To Love"!

'Off The Gird' is credited to JD's TIME MACHINE – a vehicle for Mr Day and his collaborators – and it comes in three mixes with not a lot to choose between 'em other than subtle tempo changes... for instance, the "Soul" mix is a steady beater while the  "House" mix ups the ante as you'd expect. Our vote goes to the U-Nam "Swing" mix... guitar man, U-Nam, of course, a long time James Day collaborator. As ever you pay your money and you make your choice... and you can do that from January 24th!

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altNew(ish) outfit - CJ'S CONNECTION ... the brainchild of veteran radio presenter Cliff James - won plenty of friends with his 2019 release 'I'm Serious'.

Now the Connection connect with 2020 with a new single....'Just Another Face', another tight, retro soul groove that like 'I'm Serious' comes in two distinct mixes... the original and the "Blackjack" mix, which like the "Blackjack" mix of 'Serious' has hints of the SOS Band. Both mixes good to go, January 24th.

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altPRIVATPROJEKT (their spelling) is a German (Hamburg to be precise) music collective led by MICHEL RECKHARD. Herr Reckhard is a multi tasker.... he plays synthesizers, keyboards, drums, and percussion; he's also adept at programming and song writing. His passion is soul music though, we're told, he's also partial to house music, jazz and classical. He's also head honcho at KopfHoch Produktion- a label this is the conduit for his PrivatProjekt projects! His regular associates number multi instrumentalist, Alexander Precht, guitarist Jens Salsa and vocalist Bonny Ferrer, but for their latest offering they bring in plenty more guests helping them to deliver a variety of soul based sounds.

Most obvious soul groove on the (I'm guessing) eponymous ten tracker is the steady 'Welcome' which features sweet vocals from Ms Ferrer...little wonder her mentor rates her so highly. Elsewhere there's plenty of disco – 'I've Got To Tell You' is a proper romp while 'Holding On To You' rides in on authentic Chic guitars.

Elsewhere 'Time Is Running' is classy blue-eyed soul of the Hall and Oates variety but perhaps the most intriguing track is the jazzy/rocky 'Keep On' which is fronted by Michel Reckhard himself who makes a good attempt at a Barry White style vocal while the chorus coo the title. Interesting stuff, adding to the intrigue of the album!

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altWhen a certain RICHARD SEARLING describes a new single as "The must-own 45 of 2020 is here... both sides of this limited edition 45 are incredible", I guess you need to investigate! Well investigate we did and the little 7" that Mr S BEM describes comes from an odd source... Argentina!

Label is FINGIER RECORDS and the credited artists are the KEVIN FINGIER COLLECTIVE. Fingier is an Argentinean muso who began by fronting a reggae band, Los Aggrotones. Kevin has also DJd for many years and works to promote Soul & Mod culture in Argentina. More recently, the co-founder of the Buenos Aires Soul Club decided to start a production career working on Soul and R&B recordings and the record Richard S is enthusing about is a Fingier double A-sider 'Don't Wanna Cry No More' / 'Sunglasses After Dark Part 1'.

The former is a rough and tough dancer that mixes 60s R&B, Northern soul and the fashionable Daptone sound but this cake's cherry is the vocal – as authentic as you can get... you see Kevin has drafted in Northern legend Gerri Granger to add real magic. Throw in a crazy Herbie Mann style flute break and no wonder Searling was impressed. The 'Sunglasses' side is an atmospheric mod jazz instrumental dancer with fat Hammond and tinkling vibes adding to the intrigue.

The Kevin Fingier Collective - 'Don't Wanna Cry No More' / 'Sunglasses After Dark Part 1' will be released 24th January via ACID JAZZ RECORDS

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altSome good news for a miserable January day? GREGORY PORTER is back ... and how! Today, (Thursday 16th January) the "JAZZ CAT IN THE HAT" has released a new single... 'Revival'. More good news.... 'Revival' heralds a new album....'All Rise' which is set for release on 17th April. Released on Decca/Blue Note, the LP will be Gregory's first since 2017's 'Nat King Cole & Me' and it will feature all new, original material – a mix, we're told, of "jazz, soul, blues, and gospel" featuring "heart-on-sleeve lyrics imbued with everyday philosophy and real-life detail'.

Album production is down to Troy Miller (Calvin Harris, Rag'n'Bone Man, Amy Winehouse) while the musicians include Porter's long-time loyal band mates, a handpicked horn section, a 10-member choir, and the London Symphony Orchestra Strings.

2020 will also see Gregory take the position of 'Guest Curator' at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival, performing there on 5th May, and he will embark upon a major UK tour (9-26 May), with a series of arena shows as well as four nights at London's Royal Albert Hall.

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