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altHere at SJF we first heard DIANE MARSH in her own right in 2015 via her easy-on-the-ear 'Promise'. We subsequently learnt that Diane was no newcomer. In fact, the girl from North West England has a long CV that includes work with people like Odyssey, Kleeer, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds, Adina Howard and the legendary Edwin Starr.... which brings us to Di's "latest offering".... a "LOVERS GROOVE" mix of 'I'M STUCK ON U'.

The song is a real oldie.... in fact it was first recorded in 1996 as collaboration with Andy "Madhatter" Holmes of Old English Records and, oddly, it's never been properly released. Over the last few months, though, the cut has been played out on a few soul stations and interest and demand has grown and grown. So Diane has final decided to release it via her own website.... . It'll be out on December 19th and Ms M is dedicating it to the memory of her late mother. Is it worth investigating? For sure... it's a tight and sprightly Brit soul groove... sensual, soulful and recommended!

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altHERB COX, lead singer with doo-wop group THE CLEFTONES died on Monday 7th December. Few details are available save that Herb had been fighting Alzheimers for the last few months. He was aged 80

Born in Cincinnati in 1939, his family were to relocate to New York and it was at Jamaica High School in Queens that Herb and friends formed the Silvertones; then in 1955, renamed the Cleftones, they released their first record... 'You Baby You' which became a hit. Herb Cox then wrote 'Little Girl of Mine' and 'Can't We Be Sweethearts' after a few more minor hits the group splintered into various incarnations. Cox's Cleftones enjoyed some success with a 1962 release of the standard, 'For Sentimental Reasons'.

ANORAK FACT: The guitarist on 'You Baby You' is jazz great Kenny Burrell!

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altIt was just this time last year that GEORGIE B and his GROOVE ASSOCIATION launched their last long player – 'More And More'. The LP was acclaimed across the board and we've just been told that George and the team are about to re-release the whole album in remixed form.

Focus cut at the moment is a soulful house re-work of the title cut and while Christmas draws ever nearer, there's a "Christmas Edition' of the sweet 'Write You A Letter'

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altDon't know if people still pass round the After Eights at elegant dinner parties anymore (not that I go to many) but UK jazz/soul guitar man DAVE MASCALL is keeping the memory alive with his new EP which is titled ... 'After Eight'.

The mini album packages together all 7 of Dave's UK Soul Chart hits to date. However to make it up to the magical "eight" (geddit?) Dave has included a new jazzy soulful house cut taken from his 'ACID LOUNGE vol 3' album that has never before released on its own. This track 'HOLD ON' features sweet vocals from Lady Roxanne. This extended 125 bpm club mix features some fine signature guitar playing from Dave together with some great sax blowing from one of Dave's regular contributors Ian Thompson.

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altBIG FUNK FACTORY is a music collective that (at times) includes UK music biz stalwarts Mat Johnson (Jamiroquai), Wayne Nunes, Perry Melius, Michael Brown, Andrew Mitchell, Jodie Linscott and Janet Ramus. Helping them out on their last album, 'Transaction Declined' was Ernie McKone and between them they concocted a story that described the adventures of "Dweeb Droid" aged rocker AWM supported by a cast of several more weird and wonderful characters.

Now it seems the Droid is dead; so the band offer the exploits of one "Buccee Ball" via two tunes ... a Boogie Back mix of 'Refugee' and 'Greatest War' – both as intriguing an eclectic as the back-story suggests... out now!

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