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christianLast December, CHRISTIAN GREGORY - multi instrumentalist/singer/songwriter - debuted with the single 'Count On You'. The edgy, soulful tune won the hearts of underground soul fans and was played out on the more discerning soul stations.

The song is the lead cut on Christian's about-to-be released EP which also features his second single; the searing, smouldering ballad 'Won't Get Nowhere'. The mini album's other cuts are the mid-tempo groove, 'Everything You Love You Lose', the intriguing ballad 'Nothing Matters' and radio edits of those first two singles.

There's a distinct whiff of old school soul about the whole EP – we're told that most songs were recorded in one take while the players all used vintage instruments and analogue recording gear – like it was done back in the day. There's certainly an intense feel to the soundscape - a million miles away from the clinically cold sound of lots of modern soul.



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millzThe Steppers Scene refuses to go away, and there's plenty of great new music to keep those feet stepping. Latest release to help fuel the craze is 'Ready To Go' from Chicago's D-Millz.

In its Steppers Choice Remix (by Steve Miggedy Maestro) the wonderfully catchy song is the toast of the Windy City's best stepping venues.

D-Millz enjoys a long musical CV... it includes, debuting at age 4 and working with people like SILKK Syleena Johnson and numerous gospel luminaries.

Millz is currently working on his second full album but in the meantime his debut, 'Two Sides: One Story' is wisely being re-promoted with new artwork and a couple of new tracks, though it's the ear-worm that is 'Ready To Go' that's grabbing the attention.

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princeDiminutive superstar, PRINCE, has just announced the imminent release of two albums! The long players (coming via Warner Bros) are 'Art Official Age' and 'Plectrumelectrum'. Both, we're told, will be available in the US from September 30th. Press releases say that the former is a Prince solo set while the latter will be a collection from his "new band" 3rdeyegirl.

Prince fans may be surprised to see the albums on Warner Bros. It seems that despite previous problems, Prince is happy to be back with the label. This follows the announcement that Warner Bros. Records returned to Prince the master recordings of his pioneering '80s albums, including 'Dirty Mind', '1999', 'Purple Rain' and 'Sign 'O' the Times'.



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Ruby_6795zAfter a five year break, the ever-lovely RUBY TURNER has just released her latest album, 'All That I Am' (see our review archive). In a very busy schedule Ruby found the time to speak with soulandjazzandfunk about the LP, and after being in the business for over 35 years we began by asking her what if felt like to be perceived as "the elder stateswoman of UK soul".... indeed one eminent soul commentator described her as "a National Treasure"....

To be called "Natural Treasure and Elder Stateswoman" is flattery indeed... And it makes me smile. Of course it's subjective and could have been worse! I'm of course grateful and accept this acknowledgement humbly, as it can only mean, I'm still visible after 30 years or more in this business

Over 30 odd years, you've done an awful lot ...Do you still see yourself primarily as a soul singer? The new album has all kinds of flavours and the title indicates there's a lot to you that we may not know about......

I just see myself as a singer of songs really.

What about that title then ...'All That I Am'?

This album, I would liken to a tapestry. The songs are like threads, made up of the colours of the rainbow as they blend one into another.... different as the moods change but yet the same human stories told in song. We all are made up of many parts. And each part has its role, culminating in one thing, heartfelt honest and true that's what I meant the music to be.

I know you're always really busy – but why five years between album releases?

It's not been easy trying to tour, write and record. So I had to pick my moment. And it was never ever the right time. So I wrote for 3 years whilst touring. And then when there was a reasonable gap to record, I booked studio, musicians and went in. Of course best laid plans and all that. What I estimated to be approximately 3 months recording turned into 10 to complete . So it became a frantic gallop to the finishing line. But you know the old saying." Timing is everything." All I can say is Amen to that.

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goldsmithUK soul man GLEN GOLDSMITH makes a most welcome return with the release of a lovely lilting, late summer anthem called 'London Skies'. Written by Glen and Cristian Jermane, it comes in two distinct versions.

The original mix is a tight slab of contemporary soul while the Soul Talk remix is a tad smoother and has the typical Soul Talk whiff of quality retro about it. The modern soul crowd will love it – mainly because it drops the rap that features on the original mix. This one has real crossover potential giving the tune the impact of another great "London anthem", Light of the World's 'London Town'.

'London Skies' is released on Glen's own Soul On Soul label and it's available via the usual download portals. For those who prefer vinyl, there's a 7" available via Expansion.




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