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altAt the back end of Summer we all enjoyed a catchy, foot tapper, 'Rise' from veteran UK soulstress SHAILA PROSPERE. Helping Ms P delver was the MS1 team... brothers Mike 'DJ Blue' Harrison and George 'GEO' Harrison. We were told that 'Rise' was the lead single from an upcoming MS1 album. It was due last month but while we wait, the duo have pushed out a new, fresh and tight remix of Shaila's 'Rise'. Dubbed "the Tribute EP" mix it ticks all the right boxes for the modern soul crew... recommended!

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alt'I Want Your Lovin'' is the latest single from rising British songwriter/producer Amar Naik under his "show biz" moniker... ZED SOUL. The sultry, slinky R&B/soul groove is already making waves.... Record Of The Week on a number of soul radio shows no less!

Vocalist on the song is the lovely ROSE VINCENT (you may remember her recent, acclaimed 'All Night' long player) and she's perfectly at home on the subtle vibe that Zed Soul crafts. He calls his sound "great nouveau soul music". You can agree or disagree by investigating yourself... it's out now on Expansion.



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altThe grandly named KINGZ OF R&B are a new(ish) soul trio ... Ty Juan who is a singer/songwriter from Atlanta; singer/songwriter Trusoul from Cleveland; and Seattle singer/songwriter AM. All three were previously solo artists but under the auspices of New Jersey producer Regi Myrix, they've come together as the Kingz of R&B and are busy promoting their debut single.... 'Crazy' / 'Sure Bet'.

The former is a rousing modern R&B tune with a heavy beat while the latter is much sweeter with a harmonic feel that might remind you of Boyz II Men. The trio say: "We wanted to record something special that would bring back good feeling to the R&B world. We want to bring back feel good music. We want to put the love back into the music. Even with our break up songs you call tell there was a lot of love in the words."

You can investigate via your favourite download platform... out now

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alt'Boomerang' is the latest album from the DENNY SEIWELL TRIO... Denny Seiwell, drums, John Chiodini, guitar and Joe Bagg, organ. Seiwell is a veteran and well-respected drummer. Avid sleeve readers will know that he was a founder member of Paul McCartney's Wings – playing on three of their albums and regularly touring with them. Before that he was house drummer at New York's famed Half Note jazz club where he performed with some of jazz's biggest names. For the last seven years, he's played with his own trio and the funky, tight soul jazz menu they serve up on the 12 track 'Boomerang' is a throwback to his time at the Half Note.

However, the immediate attention grabber is a cover of Seiwell's old boss' 'Live And Let Die'. The familiar Bond theme is given a surprising make over... the kind of thing that Jimmy Smith or Jimmy Mc Griff might have done back in the day... and from back in those days another highlight is a short and sweet version of Eddie Harris' 'Cold Duck Time'.

DENNY SEIWELL TRIO; Boomerang is out now on Quarto Valley Records.

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altERIK JEKABSON is a jazz trumpeter who works in and around San Francisco. With a masters degree from that city's famed music conservatory, he's worked with people like Kamsai Washington and toured alongside John Mayer as well as guesting on albums and sessions within the Bay area.

Now fronting his own Sextet – Dave Macnab (guitar), Dave Ellis (sax), Hamir Atwal (drums), John Wiitala (bass) and John Santos (percussion) – Jekabson has just released his own eponymous sextet album.

Released on Wide Hive Records and produced by Gregory Howe, Erik tells us that the nine tracker was inspired by places, events, moods and ideas around him at the time of recording in the legendary Berkeley Fantasy Studios. Those place and moods are maybe best typified by the solemn 'The Hills Of Santa Cruz' (just a whiff of Miles Davis' version of 'Concerto De Aranjuez' about this one). The opening 'San Pablo Avenue' is another tune defined by location... the rich texture suggesting the red stop lights and blurred lines of rush hour traffic. Elsewhere 'Gentle Wave' take us to Pacific shores while on the closing 'Medjool', the inspiration seems even more exotic.

ERIK JEKABSON; SEXTET is out now on Wide Hive Records.

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