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altJust a quick seasonal reminder that one of last year's big Christmas tunes..... 'CHRISTMAS CHEER' from the legendary SANTA & THE SWEET RHYTHMS BAND is being reissued in a subtly remixed format to raise even more money for the MacMillan Cancer Charity.

Last year a troupe of Brit soul mainstays (Gospel singer, Roger Samuels, Leanne McCrei and Solar and Jazz FM DJs John Osborne, Tony Monson, Gary Spence, Roni O Brien, Dennis O' Brien, Clive R, and Mike Gee) got together to record a bit of seasonal nonsense.... but there's no denying there were soul credentials a-plenty in the tune.

The new version of 'Christmas Cheer' is available right now on iTunes and, remember, every penny goes to the MacMillan Charity.



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altWay back in April Italian soul man AL CASTELLANA impressed us all with his 'Souleidoscopic Luv' long player. The album was an unashamedly romantic affair... plenty of smoochers and quiet storm moments.

The album's title tune was about as brisk as it got.... 'Souleidoscopic Luv' was busy and bustling, with a catchy little harmonic hook which won the cut plenty of pays on the  modern soul scene.

Well if you liked 'Souleidoscopic Luv' then, be prepared to like it even more as the tune re-enters the arena via a timely remix courtesy of DJ Spen. Our man at the mixer has reworked the cut into an even more dance floor friendly item! There are still plenty of catchy hooks, a grumbling, growling old school bass line and the sweetest vibes this side of a Vince Montana 12"! It's out right now on Lademoto Records

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altMANNIX is one of Austria's top soulful house DJs/Producers. He's been on the scene since the early 90s and has worked here, there and jolly well everywhere! His work has been released on labels like AM: PM, Go Beat, Generate Music, Soundmen On Wax, Polydor and V2.

His latest single comes courtesy of the UK's Favouritizm label and 'So Much Time' is an hypnotic slab of contemporary soulful house with just a whiff of retro about it. The cut rides a deep groove... just right for the superlative vocal talents of Ms LISA SHAW.

Toronto born Lisa needs little introduction. She's been at the top of her game for almost two decades though she's probably best known for her work with Naked Music and the legendary Miguel Migs.

Mannix says: "Lisa Shaw has always been a singer I wanted to work with. She has a very unique, strong voice and many of her songs are memorable and emotional. That's why I'm very happy that this project became reality. Production wise the release also underlines my movement towards deeper, but still soulful sounds which fits the whole song very well!"

Mannix Ft. Lisa Shaw; 'So Much Time' is out now on Favouritizm / FAV43

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altIt's been a great year for London-based singer/songwriter HANNAH WHITE. The session singing, backing vocalist stepped out on her own and scaled all the credible soul charts with her debut single, the ultra catchy 'Sunny Day'... the tune's quality underlined by its inclusion on Expansion's 'Soul Togetherness 2016'.

'That's Love' ,White's second single, was performed for the first time at the sold out, Camp Soul Music festival in Oxford; the song reached the UK Soul chart top 20 and was #4 in the Sweet Rhythms Chart, as well as a #2 position in the Amazon R&B Chart.

Hannah's currently working on her debut album, 'Lost In Reverie', which has been pencilled in for a Spring 2017 release but in the meantime Hannah is all set to release a new single... and guess what? It's a Christmas tune! The song's called 'Santa Bring My Baby' and it's a classic Christmas romp... catchy melody, sweet cooing, rolling rhythms and oodles of jingle bells!

The B–side, 'This Christmas with You' (a duet with Peter Grant) is a little different. It offers the obligatory Christmas sentiments but its setting is more lounge jazz than pop/soul. Think Michael Bubble!

Hannah's reason for the new single? "Easy... I love Christmas because everybody is happy, people come together and there is love in the air. It is a very special time of year that you don't just get at any other month or season."

HANNAH WHITE - SANTA BRING MY BABY C/W Hannah White & Peter Grant - This Christmas With You – released on DSG -3/12/016

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altLondon based soul singer JACK TYSON CHARLES has been turning a few heads over the last 18 months or so. The son of venerable Scousers DJ/actor Craig Charles and acclaimed actress Cathy Tyson, Jack has worked with Lack of Afro and gigged at Glastonbury and at the On Blackheath festival. He's also supported Shuggie Otis and Shalamar but right now he's stepping out on his own with the release of a solo EP.

The mini album's called 'Restoration' and it offers 5 tracks which, musically, are all bob on the contemporary UK soul vibe. What strikes you first though is Jack's remarkable voice. It's a unique instrument.... husky and tough and mature and world-weary for a comparatively young shaver!

Standout track, to these ears at any rate, is the melodic 'Taking It Back'. It boasts a catchy melody, big chords and some fab old school backing vocals that give the cut just a whiff of those up-tempo 60s classics so beloved by his dad.

The EP's title track has just a little nod to Northern soul too.... but it's not a Northern tune. It's totally contemporary. The other songs are 'Time', 'Wouldn't You Know' and 'Hustler'.

Jack calls his music "Epic Soul"... grab a listen and make up your own minds!

JACK TYSON CHARLES' 'Restoration' was released on November 22nd and is available via Digital Download, CD and Limited Edition Vinyl on Tapjuice Records.

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